On the evolution of species

Life around home / Thursday, September 27th, 2018

I have a seal on my bathroom floor
And I do not know what to do with him

He hatched as a spot, a scratch, an eye
Where the furnace vent fell over
And over

He fledged
When someone took hold and
At the jagged edge and
P u l l e d
Him into a bird

He evolved
When the artist returned
And shamelessly shredded him further
Into a rather ungainly seal
Upside down

And next will be – a walrus!
A blue whale!!
An entire menagerie
A travesty

I will not have it

My husband and I can make art too

It may not be as free-spirited, as interpretive

But it is just as beautiful

Because I learned

And I did it, under his hands,

With my own.

I have clean lines on my bathroom floor
And only a tiny hint of regret

And I know just what
To do with them

16 Replies to “On the evolution of species”

  1. This is great! 😀 You have a mind like mine- I see pictures in everything: clouds, spots that have been peeled out of the wallpaper, the wood grain in the pulpit at the front of the church. (In the church I grew up in, there was a very large owl on the pulpit, winking one eye.) By the way, your restored floor looks fantastic!

  2. Love this! Written so elegantly! On a side note…my kitchen floor needs replaced, would Zook’s Flooring Co. be interested in some work? ?

  3. Yay!!! Art made out of art made out of art (made out of art, I guess, if we include the original flooring) DEE-lightful! 🙂 🙂
    And yay also for artists having interest in home renovations and other mundane things!

  4. I thought you were actually going to address evolution! You redeemed the spot on your floor; it reminded me of a quote from Robert Coles (a psychiatrist) that somewhat redeems the evolution controversy:

    “We debate for hours about the difference between psychoanalysis and psychotherapy; about the advantages of seeing a person twice a week or three times a week; about whether we should give medications to people, and if so, in what way. For the plain fact is that, as we draw near the bureaucratic and the institutionalized, we draw near quibbling. Maybe it is too late, and much of this cannot be stopped. But it may be pleasantly nostalgic, if not instructive, to recall Darwin sailing on the Beagle, or Freud writing spirited letters of discovery to a close friend, or Sir Alexander Fleming stumbling upon a model of penicillin in his library–all in so simple and creative a fashion”

  5. I see I should have finished catching up before leaving my comment on the bird post.
    Also, since I’m catching up, I want to mention that I often think it’d be handy to have the “next post” link at the bottom of the comments section. Seems like the older format you used did that, and I liked that feature since I like to read the comments.

    1. Some liked the links above the comments; some liked them below the comments. We’re trying to keep everyone happy here. Now the previous and next links appear above AND below the comments. Enjoy.

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