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Confession: I love kids’ books even more than my kids do.

In Regan’s words, “we pwobbly have more children’s books than big girl’s books.”

You may have noticed my new “Kids’ Books” page, a list of what my children are reading. Enjoy it as a resource, if you wish, but don’t feel pressure to read all the same stuff. Every time I see a booklist, I feel rising desire and panic—a frantic wish to find them all. “You mean there are still this many undiscovered treasures out there, and I had no idea??” So breathe deep, pick out two or three, and tell me your own favorites. We’re always looking for more.

Here are two we just found:

The Night the Angel Came

by Sharilyn Martin

illustrated by Diane Horst

I recently stumbled across this gem in a small Christian bookstore. Based on the true account of “GI Baby” adoptions after the Korean War, the story follows Mary through her birth mother’s difficult choices, her new parents’ care, and her own fears.

Besides the theme of childhood anxiety and God’s protection, I heard wonderful themes of belonging and redemption. If you’re interested in adoption at all (or not), you’ll love it.

I was tickled to find I have an added connection to the book–a surprise bonus. The adoptive family are Zooks from Sheridan, Oregon… Ryan’s great-uncle & company!


On a lighter note, we recently checked this out of the Meadville Public Library.

The Smash-Up Crash-Up Derby

by Tres Seymour

illustrated by S. D. Schindler

My sons chose this picture book. I gave it the non-negotiable Mommy-check, which takes 5-15 seconds and involves a quick scan for quality of art, quality of writing, censorable elements, and age appropriateness… and we added it to the bag.

It quickly became a favorite. Just look at these illustrations! I love “Aunt Mabel,” though I can’t remember her real name…

After such an introduction, the boys were delighted to watch a real Demolition Derby last week. Kelly and I made ourselves scarce, and the guys did their guy thing. The younger gentlemen came home extremely happy. I love when we can find partner activities for our favorite books!

Still, the Demolition Derby will probably not become a regular thing around the Zook residence—it raises nice questions like “How does a nonresistant Christian cheer for violence, destruction, and domination?”

More next time…

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11 years ago

There isn’t much I enjoy more than a few good book suggestions! I’ll be looking forward to hearing about more of your favorite children’s books to add to my library list!

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