cup o joe

I awake in the darkness, my mind reaching desperately to remember the second thing—the second part, which made sense of the whole.

If I give myself a moment it will come back to me.

But it does not, and after a time I cannot recall the first part either, nor what it was part of, nor why this was all so terribly important.


Meanwhile there are lunches to pack, dishes to wash, milk jars to set out.

Tuesday morning at the Zooks.

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10 years ago

whoa now……………I don’t even see any 7’s 🙂

10 years ago

Wow– aren’t you lucky!? About that time every morning, we’re trying to get out the door to the bus!

Don’t worry, if your mind is like mine, it’ll strike you about 10:00 or 11. I was scrambling for a word the other day, describing it to Daryl, guessing, synonyming– and it struck me about 5 hrs later. “Ah, hon— CATALYST!” right in the middle of thinking about… well, nothing in particular.

10 years ago

Oh my yes. Yes. Yes. Only it’s usually somewhere in the vicinity of 5:00 and 6:00…a baby to feed and diaper, my hubby’s lunch to pack, laundry to start, bed to make, hair to fix…

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