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my teeth

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Dec 2010


I feel like inventing a ribbon to stick on the back of my van. “Orthodontic Awareness.”

After two years of treatment, I am officially a survivor.


Top & bottom photo credit: my dear friend Shaunda Stoltzfus

12 Replies to “Done!”

  1. wow. amazing! I guess I did truly forget the former state of your incisors!

    p.s. Are you sure that you’re actually almost 31 yrs. old, married 10 years and a mom of 3 !!??? I might have to do a background check to make sure you’re not trying to fool me.

  2. I bet it was wonderful to just slide your tongue across your teeth when they came off (the braces, not your teeth). 🙂 Looks great and I’m happy it’s just a memory now.

  3. You were always beautiful to me, and I couldn’t have said you had anything that needed improving. But Charity has to start on this process very soon (including first oral surgery!) and it’s looking like a long torture for her. She would never do it, but she has a situation that if it is not corrected could break her jaw they say . . . ugggh. So surgery and braces it is.

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