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Dec 2010


I feel like inventing a ribbon to stick on the back of my van. “Orthodontic Awareness.”

After two years of treatment, I am officially a survivor.


Top & bottom photo credit: my dear friend Shaunda Stoltzfus

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10 years ago

Beautiful! Glad the process is over for you. I never realized how much your oldest son looks like you.

10 years ago

wow. amazing! I guess I did truly forget the former state of your incisors!

p.s. Are you sure that you’re actually almost 31 yrs. old, married 10 years and a mom of 3 !!??? I might have to do a background check to make sure you’re not trying to fool me.

10 years ago

I bet it was wonderful to just slide your tongue across your teeth when they came off (the braces, not your teeth). 🙂 Looks great and I’m happy it’s just a memory now.

10 years ago

Hooray! and So beautiful!

10 years ago

Yes, yes, YES! You’re beautiful, Sis!

10 years ago

HALLELUJAH!!!! So happy for you. They look really good too, that’s always a bonus!! ☺

10 years ago


GrandmaKitty Brown
10 years ago

Very, very nice, Shari! I know a few others who can feel for you… like Amy… The results are truly beautiful!

10 years ago

You were always beautiful to me, and I couldn’t have said you had anything that needed improving. But Charity has to start on this process very soon (including first oral surgery!) and it’s looking like a long torture for her. She would never do it, but she has a situation that if it is not corrected could break her jaw they say . . . ugggh. So surgery and braces it is.

10 years ago

Woo-hoo!!! So happy for you!

10 years ago

Yay! Can’t wait for this day to come soon for me!

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