Miscellaneous confessions…

…after attending a Christmas banquet.

  1. Sometimes I am filled with a desire for hysterical laughter at the least opportune of times, and for no apparent reason; such as right after arriving at a fancy party.
  2. I am not entirely sure who this Shari Zook person is, but her name was on my place card, so…
  3. Bacon. Deep sigh of delight.
  4. I could have skipped every bit of main food and just eaten sweets from the dessert bar–on which a Red Velvet Cake and a Chocolate Bavarian Torte reigned as queens. Delectable.
  5. I find printed menus charming.
  6. I find human folly irresistible.
  7. I love read-alouds and recitations well done.
  8. It’s easier than it used to be, convincing three children to sit through a formal banquet. They actually liked it. We did too.
  9. I feel so sad about Connecticut. There we sit, happy and healthy, our worlds intact.
  10. I really like scarves, though they are entirely impractical except to cover flaws. Such as muddy paw prints from your dog. This really happened to me last week.
  11. Seeing your son dip his mouth toward a punchbowl is cause for three extra gray hairs to sprout, in the interval between “seeing his intent” and “calling his name loud enough to effectively prevent experimentation.”
  12. Also cause for panic is watching said son realize he is, in fact, standing before a large crowd of people. The look of devilish cunning and Hmm, how shall I do it? is more than enough to inspire the breaking out of a cold sweat.
  13. I love bright red. Think sparkling beads, radiant dresses, and fresh poinsettias.
  14. I am becoming known as “Jean’s sister,” in addition to the familiar “John & Barb’s daughter.” My list of credentials grows.
  15. People are usually nicer than you think they will be.
  16. I’m getting old.
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10 years ago

I skipped the delectable desserts for a second salad. With the aforementioned bacon. Yum. I don’t trust desserts with German Names that don’t contain recognizable fruit. But then I would probably eat dog food if I had to.

You’re younger than you will be.

10 years ago
Reply to  The Boss

HOW comforting! 😀

Mama Zook
10 years ago

You are also known in the West as Ryan’s Wife! I’m sorry if that makes you feel less a person to be identified that way, but most of the people out here don’t know he’s most of the time “the boss”! By the way, I love the way you can make me want to laugh and cry all within just a few words…I can so identify with your words emotionally! and I can’t wait to squeeze that son of yours that is so full of life! Thinking of him makes me want to go out and stomp through mud, and lay in snow and play in the creek…I could be a kid all over again! (as long as Mommy would clean up the mess when we’re done)

10 years ago

Your first confession makes me think that you’ve been around me too much in the past year. Also, the bright red thing. And the old thing. This post makes me wistful to take a road trip with you again sometime soon!

LaDonna Nice
10 years ago

#8 Looking forward to this!
#10 Been there done that! 😉

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