Making Peace with Me

Celebrations, Life around home / Friday, April 29th, 2022

I spent time with a friend the other day and I said, “I love your hair today! It’s so pretty.” She told me she’d parted it on the other side, and it showed off her gray. For some reason all her gray is on the hidden side, normally. I said mine is, too. And then we speculated about sunlight, and laughed about coming out of the closet as gray. I think we like our silver. Hey, we worked hard for these shining hairs.

The next morning after I washed my hair clean, I swirled it the other way and showed mine too.

It felt good.

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Osiah Horst
16 days ago

Just a little touch of silver, so small I can barely see it. But I will agree, you have earned it! Blessings!

16 days ago


16 days ago

It’s not gray hair. It’s wisdom highlights.

16 days ago

This seems akin to squinting at a pregnancy test with a friend. I think I see it. 😂

Shaunda Stoltzfus
13 days ago
Reply to  Shari Zook

me too.

Mom Coblentz
16 days ago
Reply to  Cheryl


16 days ago

I can’t even see it. I have you so beat. If I’d comb my hair up on the sides rather than down, I’d be reeeeally gray. I’m not sure I care.

16 days ago

I can’t see your gray but I agree. We’ve earned those gray hairs of wisdom. My veiling covers much of my gray but it can still be seen on the sides of my head.

Grace Lapp
16 days ago

Where’s the silver?? I see auburn!☺️

Mrs. A
15 days ago
Reply to  Shari Zook

I recently shared a photo of the mucho streaks of gray hair I keep combing under as best I can (and I’m under 30! please!) and my friends also said, “What gray hair?” It is there as there can be, I’m not sure where they were looking. So yes, I see yours, I see it. Something about the lighting in the photo is messing with me though…. Just kidding. I really did see like one or two. I think. 🤣

The article is good, but it will be funnier yet to me at a future date, when I have made peace with me. Sigh.

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Michele Walsh
14 days ago

Oh… my silver has grown so fast… and despite the culture I live in insisting I dye it… I’m holding strong. I earned this gray!

On another note.. I have really enjoyed these little vignettes. Thanks for sharing.

Shaunda Stoltzfus
13 days ago

I see it and I like it.