Look at Mother Nature on the run…

Confession: I’ve read many stories about farmers with crop damage, and wondered how it would feel.


I thought I would mind the loss of money, but in our miniscule case it’s – miniscule.

I thought I would mind the loss of time, but I don’t begrudge the few minutes it took to drop seeds in the ground, to tend and weed.

I thought I would mind the loss of product, and I do, but it’s not that…

I didn’t expect questions and no answers: What did I do wrong? did I plant too close? too shallow? How turns the good rain-blessing into curse?

I didn’t know it would feel like like children, having watched them grow and cheered each step with pride.

There will be another year, another planting. Summer goes on, and life grows in circles. My other green children are thriving.

But I didn’t know how vulnerable the broken stalks would look.

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Suzanna Weaver
11 years ago

….sorry…that happened to me one year and know what? — someone told me to let it alone. So I did and we still got plenty of corn. Alot of it stood back up on it’s own while the rest gave us lovely ears of corn laying down.

mama zook
11 years ago
Reply to  Suzanna Weaver

I’m glad others have had this happen and still got a crop of corn…it will still produce even when it’s laying down…btw, that’s a great lesson for us. When we feel we’re down and can’t get up, we can still bear fruit! We had this happen, after a great watering one night followed by a crazy wind from the south!

Suzanna Weaver
11 years ago
Reply to  mama zook

love that thot mama zook!

11 years ago

You have such a sweet attitude. I would feel pretty grouchy about it, I think. 🙁

11 years ago

My corn did the same thing this year. We didn’t get quite as good of crop but I was shocked at how much we were able to harvest.


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