A spice drawer

Confession: Most of my best ideas come straight from someone else.

Here’s one from my friend Shaunda, who does not follow her own advice.

(There’s a reason–In her kitchen, the drawers are bigger than she is. And they number exactly three. So she cheerfully hauls them around by the scruff of the neck, and passes her suggestions on to me. When I grow up, I hope to be like her.)

Meet my spice drawer, which I love. Everything stays organized and easy to reach. Voilà!

Today was a baking day, a vanilla and cinnamon day, a rich Texas sheet cake day.

And I have a new spice to add to my collection, as soon as it’s mellowed—fresh basil, now drying in a twine-hung bunch, grown by my friend Renee.

What’s your favorite kitchen organization trick?

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Marie Mullet
11 years ago

that drawer is 2-3 times as big as my drawers; I have five very narrow drawers. My life saver is putting the largest lazy susan that fit in your corner cabinets. I love that better than the built in lazy susans, no dead space.

11 years ago

I am glad you are enjoying the basil. 🙂 I am too. 🙂

What a great idea for organization of spices. I have a spice cabinet on my counter so I wouldn’t need this (and I only have four drawers in my kitchen), but I LOVE the idea!

11 years ago

She sighs and slowly shakes her head…if only she would have the skill and tenacity to incorporate at least 50% of her own ideas…………………..
I adore your spice drawer!

Arlene Zook
11 years ago

This is brilliant!! I only wish I had an extra drawer in my kitchen. It’s fun to see what spices someone else uses:) I like to use Velveeta cheese boxes to organize drawers.

11 years ago

I am blessed with a kitchen with lots of drawers! When we moved into our house, 2 of the drawers had inserts like this in them: http://www.amazon.com/Vance-Spice-Drawer-Insert-White/dp/B0006IWT4G/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1344614698&sr=8-1&keywords=spice+drawer+insert. I absolutely LOVE them and it makes organizing my spices so easy. My added tip is to alphabetize the spices to make finding the exact spice you want even faster.

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