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Life around home / Sunday, September 30th, 2018

Each fall to date, my schedule and stress level have turned a gentle corner together into greater peace. This year, my daily schedule has not yet relieved, but my mind has calmed. Here are things I’m grateful for this season.

  1. The quiet of my house in the afternoons, while my toddlers nap
  2. My favorite weather of the whole year: nippy nights, days of sun
  3. Free bussing to and from school
  4. Music – someone said that sad music helps you be happy, and I’ve found it true
  5. Lots of kids I love
  6. Ryan’s patience and goodness
  7. Cinnamon rolls
  8. The first of the colored leaves
  9. Jokes
  10. Professionals and their advice
  11. Good food, and the fact that I get to cook it
  12. New stonework laid by our porch, thanks to my dad
  13. Writing ideas galore
  14. Modern appliances – what would I do without my fridge? Or my coffee pot?
  15. Friendship
  16. Fall décor – like pumpkins and Indian corn – my favorite!
  17. A bright-eyed class of preschoolers in Sunday school
  18. The weekly help of a woman who volunteered to keep one of our toddlers during church services, for as long as we need it – it makes me want to cry, every time
  19. Communication
  20. No snow – my northern friends are posting pictures of it already, and I want them to keep it All

What are you thankful for?

6 Replies to “List of gratefuls”

  1. I love your list of gratefuls Shari.
    My list of gratefuls:

    1. My husband Tim wasn’t killed in the car accident on Friday that totaled our car.

    2. The overwhelming generosity of our church offering to let us borrow a car until we can find one.

    3. For the rain that’s coming this week

    4. For my sweet family

    5.Fall weather

    6. Sipping pumpkin spice tea anytime of the year

    7. Pretty teacups for drinking tea in

    8.Food in the fridge

    9. Dollar Tree for having Rice -a- Roni so I can add chicken for a complete meal.

    10. Fall decor from Dollar Tree

    11. My Bible and using Beside the Still Waters for devotions

    12. Chocolate

    13. This cozy house that God led us to

    14. Preschoolers who come give you a hug when come help in their Sunday school class

    15. Our kitty who sits in the window and waits for us to come home

    16. Books I can get for review at no charge

    17. Friends I have made through visiting their blogs

    18. Publications like Keepers at Home and Calvary Messenger that always has wholesome and godly material

    19. Crochet hooks and yarn for making lovely creations.

    20. Slow Cookers. They have been lifesavers on so many occassions.

    1. Mmm. I think the ones they had in mind were classical, some of the softer and mournful pieces like Adagios or Mozart’s Requiem or Chopin’s Waltz 69. I have also found crying songs healing overall, especially guitar music and voices of the Simon & Garfunkel variety. Something about it lets the sorrow escape your heart instead of being trapped inside.

  2. My husband, Andreas; he’s extraordinarily good to me and the children.
    Fall weather.
    My sisters are coming to visit; they rarely do.
    My children, who do adorable so well.
    My church, full of real people.
    Communion on Sunday.
    Dried cranberries.
    Fall colors.
    Clean windows, and Stephanie, who gets the credit for that.

  3. I am grateful for children, travels, friends, quiet corners of the world, home, rest, sleep, good reports of our children’s behavior while we were gone, snow and the beginning of a new season!

  4. I am grateful to Jesus that a Tremendously Stressful situation with our foster care agency has turned a corner and that we are known to be people of integrity.

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