Letters from Grandpa

My father was recently given a set of letters written by his father (now gone these fifty years and more) to a friend in the early 1940’s.

This was the first time our family had seen the letters. Among lighthearted notes on singings and youth news and extended family, and a few more sober thoughts on the war, I found this gem I loved.

“But if I don’t get to see you

I will see what I can do

about writing.

Seems funny that scribbling like this

will tell others

what you mean.”

I never got to meet him. But I knew he was a kindred spirit.

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3 years ago

I wonder if our grandchildren will get to see anything written by us, or if the minimalistic, paperless age will silence our voices for our future kindred spirits.

Dawn Harshbarger
3 years ago

I love this! I am from the dinosaur era that never throws away a letter. Because someday I will sort through them, reread them, and then give them back to the person who wrote to me. Then they will have a long ago record of their day to day adventures! And their grandchildren can find kindred spirits. (I’d better get busy!)

Doris Ann Miller
3 years ago

This reminded me of your Grandpa Yutzy, who I knew. Unless, of course, I have my genealogy confused, which would not be the first or last time. I’d love to see a post on him, sometime…

Priscilla F.
3 years ago

Hooray for not being the only person who saves letters! I alternate between feeling like a hopeless clutter-er in keeping them, but the thought of tossing them out feels so heartless and permanent…

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