Learning to rise (or shine–never both)

Confession: I *hate* waking up in the morning.

Another confession: For years I have been relying on my husband to wake me. He does a smash-up job, but finds it uphill work.

Some time ago he told me of a Sleep Rhythm alarm clock, which monitors you through the night via wristband, and wakes you in your lightest sleep so you feel more alert and rested.

(I was in favor.)

(So was he.)

I began researching this, and found an amazing thing. Someone realized one day that the iPhone had all the needed technology to make this work affordably. The technology that used to cost $100 or more is now available for a petty $0.99, as an iPhone app!

Here’s how it works: You download the application, set a couple of preferences (including a half-hour wake-up window), and lay the iPhone face down in the corner of your bed, under your sheet. Sleep Cycle monitors your physical movements through the night to determine the soundness of your sleep, and wakes you when your sleep is lightest. You may choose from a variety of pleasant wake-up sounds, or use any song on your phone.

Sweet coincidence: Ryan has an old iPhone that he’s offered to me multiple times. I don’t want an iPhone. But I do want Sleep Cycle. Voilà!

I’ve been using it for five nights now, and love it. I usually feel like I was waking up already.

Other cool features:

  • User-friendly format and instructions
  • A “smart snooze”—for the remaining minutes of your wake-up window
  • Vibration if the sounds fail to wake you
  • A graph of your night! In the morning you can check it and believe me, it’s accurate. It also tells you how many hours you slept, and keeps record of your averages.

Here are three of my nights:

1. First night—I slept poorly, waking an unusual number of times:

2. Second night—In the hospital I slept marvelously, surprisingly enough—waking only when the nurse came in at 1:30 to check Regan’s vital signs:

3. Last night—Up with one of the children at 6-something; otherwise slept so hard I came near death a few times, it seems…

If you’re interested and have an iPhone, download the app here!

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11 years ago

Glad you finally found something tech-related worth blogging about!

I’m looking for another app that would evaluate my productivity and tell me when I should *go* to sleep instead of trying to get more done in the mid-afternoon/late evening/early morning. Any recommendations? Or am I doomed to fruitless labor?

mama zook
11 years ago
Reply to  Shari Zook

and some would be “wired” and some are “wireless”!! Loved your comment, Shari…I thought the same thing, just without all the cool features!! Thanks for adding those on there for me!

LaDonna Nice
11 years ago

Love it I think I could use one of them…and you two are so cute love the banter!

11 years ago

I am laughing out loud at you & Ryan because it was exactly what I was thinking…WIFE!
So you really think this thing works huh? Do you think it would work w/getting up to feed a baby etc?

11 years ago
Reply to  Kim

Yes! You don’t have to reset it when you get up in the night; it notices, and marks you as “awake” during that time, but stays on track with your alarm. I didn’t want to recommend it too highly till I’d actually tried it out, but now… yes. You should definitely get it. 🙂

mama zook
11 years ago

I’m wondering if I tried to use it, how many times it would think I am close to my lightest sleep…I very seldom have a deep sleep. I get to listen to my husbands sleep machine, knowing he’s getting his sleep, nice consolation!

11 years ago

I have a confession– I already downloaded it on Daryl’s Ipad, but have been *too busy* to set it up for myself. I hear so many glowing reports about it, I should join the fan club! I’m sure Daryl would be happy to give up his job of trying to wake me!

A side note: you and Ryan are perfect for each other! You guys are great! You do my heart good.

11 years ago

Sounds so amazing it makes me want to get an iphone just to try out this app. 🙂 🙂

11 years ago

Your banter is hilarious. It made me laugh.

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