Ladybug craft

Confession: I think housecleaning is a waste of time.

I have several friends and family members who really enjoy it, and I cannot tell you how much I admire them. I wish I could get inside their minds for just a bit and see what they’re thinking about while they do it. There’s a trick there I haven’t learned.

But in the meantime, obviously it must be done. I have three strategies for dealing with it:

  1. Work fast.
  2. Get the kids involved. At seven and five, they can do a surprising amount.
  3. Wear something cute.

Last week I sewed an apron so I’d have something I liked to wear for cleaning. The best part is the ladybug on the front.

ladybug 1

I think you could use him for many different crafts—school projects, name tags, magnets, and more. I made him of scraps I pulled out of my sewing cupboards.

ladybug 2

To make a ladybug, you will need:

  • Red felt
  • White rickrack
  • Black non-fray fabric
  • Black thread and white thread
  • Black buttons
  • Antennae—I embroidered mine onto the apron, but you could use black pipe cleaners, braid, ribbon, or whatever you’d like. Knots at the end would replace the curlicues.

Sew accessories onto an oval of red felt, assembling as shown. You are smart enough to figure this out without me giving you ten steps, but if you have questions, feel free to ask.

I attached mine to my apron with Velcro, so I can remove him before washing.

ladybug apron 1

Now I have an ethical dilemma: do I have to save the apron just for cleaning?? Blech. Looks like I finally caught the cleaning bug.

...very focused on standing in the right place at the right time for the self-timer...
…very focused on standing in the right place at the right time for the self-timer…


Do you like cleaning? Tell me why. Or how you distract yourself while doing it…

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11 years ago

I do not like to clean. I cope by doing it in spurts. Dusting one day, cleaning the bathroom another day, and vacuuming still another. The fact that I live in a tiny apartment helps a lot with this: cleaning takes almost no time, but I still almost never do it all in one day. And I do it as rarely as possible without feeling like a total slob. I just don’t tell my mom. 🙂

Shaunda Stoltzfus
11 years ago

Your apron is adorable.

I fear it wouldn’t work for me because I usually have to trick myself into cleaning. The main thing that works for me is the incentive of kicking back for 5 minutes in a clean house.
Honestly though, I tell people that my cleaning plan is pretty much based on getting company. The more often I have guests, the more often the house gets cleaned.

Mama Zook
11 years ago

I love your apron, and would love to clean in it, maybe when we visit, don’t clean before we get there, and I can help!! (If I can wear the apron) And Shaunda, my cleaning is also based on when company’s coming, (Shari just didn’t know that). And it helps when you have a husband who has a better smeller than you do, cause then, he can tell you when it’s time to clean the toilet! He did this a.m. before he left for work, on the way out the door, after the kiss good-bye. I love the “kick back for five minutes in a clean house.”

Mom Coblentz
11 years ago

I’m with you, Shaunda…hate the process AND the dirt but love the satisfaction when it’s completed. Shari, you probably have me to thank…think it must be in the genes. But I’m SURE what would help during those post-cleaning 5 minutes would be an iced caramel/mocha in one hand, and a favorite cookie in the other. BTW, you should make aprons to sell.

11 years ago

i don’t like cleaning and my apartment shows it. not a good thing if it goes awhile between company. i do however enjoy being in a clean uncluttered space. my biggest challenge is keeping my table and chairs from becoming the dumping place (and home) for everything . . . i only need a little corner to eat and only one chair and if the table is full i can always eat on the sofa.

btw the apron is super cute.

11 years ago

I LOVE your ladybug. I have no cleaning advice, because I dislike it very much. I do love the clean house though. I have an idea that Virginia’s method would make it easier to clean, but I have never tested it yet. I wait till it ALL has to be done and then tackle it. Maybe that’s why I don’t like it!

Jo Yoder
11 years ago

I don’t particularly LOVE to clean, but ‘d rather do that than sew. If we ever manage to move closer to Meadville, I’d be happy to clean for you if you’d sew for me!
Having a realtor’s For Sale sign in my front yard definitely makes me more motivated to keep the house in a continually company-ready state. Now if only my boys would share this sentiment…!

11 years ago

I am with Jo Yoder…I’d rather clean than sew…and then I look at the beautiful and creative things people sew and I kind of wish I was different and I could just embrace sewing with joy and creativity………

I think we’re all just different. 🙂

I don’t necessarily love cleaning, but I just can’t stand clutter and mess…so I clean it up to save myself from complete insanity and distraction. I do what my mom always did – I clean on a schedule that isn’t fudged for much. Basically, that means I make sure my house gets thoroughly cleaned once a week. Sometimes the day changes because of a busy schedule…or I cut corners here and there for lack of time…but there are few weeks in a year it doesn’t happen. I have learned that I just have to make it happen…and when I do…I am usually glad. 🙂 I always feel like the couple of hours it takes me pays off in the end!

11 years ago

Shari, you and Shaunda have taught me to go to bed with a tidy house. This helps my sanity so much and helps me actually clean because I don’t spend the morning tidying up yesterday’s mess. I put on some music or a sermon and have fun cleaning up the house by myself.

A cleaning schedule helps a lot too. I can’t say I stick to it like Renee does though.

Sewing an apron would definitely not help me as it would probably take too long. The style you sewed is wonderful, no straps are tugging at your neck.

11 years ago

The things that help make cleaning more fulfilling for me is to listen to a good sermon, or audiobook, or good music while I’m cleaning. Your apron is incredibly cute by the way. Love it!

11 years ago

I do a schedule:
Monday: bedrooms
Tuesday: bathrooms
Wed: laundry room, halls, basement
Thurs: Living rooms, refridgerator
Friday: Kitchen, floors, windows
Sat: vehicles and outdoor tidying

This way I only have to do about an hour – sometimes less, sometimes a little more if it’s the kitchen or basement – of cleaning each day. It’s the first thing I do after having laundry started and breakfast over, so it’s o-o-outta the way! and then I can enjoy the day. 😉 When I’m teaching, I do the cleaning right after lunch.

Oh, and each child has atleast one job to do in each room so I’m quickly working my way out of cleaning altogether! Yeah!

But my house is never All Clean At Once. That was something I had to give up because I just can’t swing it – and if I do manage to get it All Clean At Once, then I wish to demand that my family preserve it which isn’t realistic.

11 years ago

I love the apron. My cleaning secret for my bathroom is to call my Grandma or Mom or a good friend, and we talk while I clean . . . it works. Every time. Sometimes if someone calls me, I go on “auto pilot” almost to the bathroom and start working. It’s amazing how much more pleasant cleaning is when having a good yak. 😉 And ditto to “my house is never all clean at once.” There is simply no way. I can’t do it any more, and I don’t even try any more. It frustrates me too much.

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