Kudos, kudos, kudos all around.

First to Lynnelle, who asked for ’em. He-hee.

Then to Kathleen, the first person to guess all four right!

Also to Kim, who also got all four right and most definitely made me laugh…

And well, okay, actually to all of you for being so wicked smart. With the exception of one Shari, who was uh, out to lunch.

1. Cannelloni: tube shaped pasta

Photo courtesy of user colza at sxc.hu

2. Cannellini: white kidney beans

Photo courtesy of 123rf.com

3. Canola: oil from the rapeseed plant

Photo courtesy of user csontoslea at sxc.hu

4. Cannoli: Sicilian pastry desserts

Photo courtesy of 123rf.com

Bonus word–Canelli: a town in northwest Italy

(That’s why I said it wasn’t a fair question, and I tried to keep it out, but it just really wanted to be in there with the others.)

Photo courtesy of user dariuszman at sxc.hu

Bravo! What fun. I may have to do this quiz thing again sometime, what?

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