My kinda fitting room

Confession: I hate fitting rooms.

hate like love

You would think that any business owner with a scrap of intuition could work this simple math:

Any decent woman

(+) one dog-ugly room

(-) any homey touches whatsoever

(+) glaring fluorescent lights

(+) the merciless babble of the woman in the next stall on her cell phone

(does not equal) a sale.

I mean dim the lights for Pete’s sake. Turn on some gentle music and slap something pretty on the wall. Make her feel like a woman, not a concentration camp victim shut in a cube with the gas about to start, alright?

Last week I found a gem of a room, in a Camp Hill consignment shop called Hello Gorgeous.

It actually had its own light fixture. How shocking.

And low music. I’ve never danced in a fitting room before but I couldn’t help myself.

And playing cards to stick on your door telling how many items you’d taken in.

And an adorable sign in red brush script on the mirror.

you look beautiful

I can forgive a store a lot for a dressing room like that. I can forgive overpriced sweaters, and low ugly shoes tagged to the ridiculous tune of two hundred forty-seven dollars a pair.

They say it used to be cuter yet. It used to have an ottoman and a rug. And then one day they went in to vacuum and found a collection of price tags tucked under the furniture.

[So that’s why fitting rooms are so bare…]

I don’t care about cuter yet.

That’s my kinda fitting room.


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10 years ago

And did you buy the overpriced sweater? Cause it’s very pretty & looks good on you! I love the details you described in this dressing room…playing cards for #tags–perfection!

10 years ago
Reply to  Rachel

Oh yes, I made a purchase–not this one, but a lovely gray. The two I tried on were priced just fine, unlike the charming secondhand mohair for $70. 🙂

10 years ago

That photo is a cool shot! One question: Doesn’t low lighting make it hard to see if garment fits properly? As a man, I would probably get quite grouchy that I can’t get a good look at myself in the mirror.

That aside, I totally see your point. Make the customer happy, give them a pleasant environment.

10 years ago
Reply to  Alvin

Ok, not dim as in formal-dinner-grope-for-your-fork kind of dim. More like soft ambiance.

The problem with normal fitting room lighting is that in addition to “Does this make me look fat?” I now have to ask “Does this make me look pale green and furrowed? – – ohhh, that’s the fluorescent light.”

10 years ago

I welcome you to visit a clothing shop named “Yours To Cover” in Linwood ON.! You may critique the fitting room, and if you come all this way, I’ll even serve you a cuppa tea (or Java, your choice). 🙂

10 years ago

Love that script on the mirror, I may have to steal that idea.

10 years ago

Now that is a dressing room I wouldn’t mind at all. I dislike them so much I’ve mostly gone to online shopping, although I can’t do that when I’m at the thrift stores. Kudos to the store for such a great idea – and yes, that sweater is adorable!

10 years ago

No, no– the BEST dressing room EVER is in New Holland called Main Street Exchange. I love the store– cute, modest skirts, shells, and cardigans, and the fitting room is sooo cute, that you’d miss out if you didn’t try something on! I’m excited that I received a gift certificate from Mama to go sometime. Maybe when you’re here for a visit!? 🙂

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