Confession: I have the coolest, funniest, bravest sister in the world.

I talked with her for an hour today, and she had me howling with laughter over her stories of chemo side effects. Later this afternoon, she cut her hair to donate to Wigs for Kids before she loses it.

From her I am learning that your greatest losses can be seen as kingdom gains.

Now I am given an amazing, impossible gift of joy-in-pain: watching my little sister outgrow me in faith and virtue. I cheer for you and love you, Jean.

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12 years ago

Wow. She’s an amazing woman, I must agree!

12 years ago

Oh my! I feel beyond honored. I’m afraid you give me too much credit. 🙂 I don’t feel that strong and brave. Sometimes I feel very, VERY weak! Just recently it seemed God was saying to me, “Are you willing to bear your weaknesses and fears so that I can be honored with your story?” Well, who couldn’t resist a God like that? 🙂 Thank-you for honoring me, Sis! It means the world. By the way, I LOVE reading all your posts! Well, perhaps I have one up on you in virtue (I still think you’re wrong), but you sure took all the writing genes!! 🙂

mama zook
12 years ago

thanks for sharing this about your little sister!! She is a brave lady and very fortunate to have a big sister to be able to share with her through these moments of stretching!! I am very happy to hear of her donation to wigs for kids…I know that it is a great opportunity to voluntarily share during this time of many losses!!

Rachel Shenk
12 years ago

Just read Jeans blog and I’m wiping away tears. She is truly courageous and it sounds like she has an awesome husband to walk through this with her.

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