To those who were impressed by eleven dresses

Dear people,

Thanks for your empathy, advice, and kind words.

To all who were unduly impressed by the eleven dresses: I have a confession to make. They were T-shirt dresses. Four or five seams each.


So I just didn’t want you to think I was that good.


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8 years ago

Well now we can be impressed by your mixing of those vibrant Starburst colors with sophisticated greys and navys: nice! and fun for a little girl without looking too Disney! And lovely sunshiny staging of course, and that green green yard!

Mama Zook
8 years ago

I love you!! And you are good!! Mama

8 years ago

Well. I am STILL impressed. I love the darling new dresses I’m seeing on your girlies these days!!

8 years ago

What lovely dresses! Your last post was heart warming.. God bless you for encouraging mama’s like me to keep lovin our littles .. I love your honesty!

Ruth Anna
8 years ago

I’m impressed too! =) Actually sometimes I wonder how you moms do it? Here I am….a single lady with no littles; I’m pretty much guaranteed a full night of sleep, I can sleep in on Saturday morning if I want to. I have dishes and laundry to do for one person…… and I still have trouble keeping up with the things I need to get done. =) And when I’m dealing with poor health and feel kind of awful and my own life looks slightly overwhelming….then I really wonder how you do it without being guaranteed a full night of sleep and no guarantee to any solitude time. Anyway, I think mothers are amazing people…and I bless you in the messiness today! =)

Ruth Anna
8 years ago
Reply to  Shari Zook

Well, it is nice to read your understanding comments. =) It is a reminder to me again of God’s grace in every season; in every circumstance.

8 years ago

The dresses are adorable! Where did you get the t-shirts? I have a hard time finding shirts that are cute instead of just tacky.

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