I Am From

What Anita did looked so fun I decided to try it too. Here’s the template if you want to join the party. Based on the beautiful poem “Where I’m From” by George Ella Lyon.


I am from hot suppers and homegrown cabbage and children in and out of doors.


I am from the ancient gray farmhouse, from enormous windows and unfinished rooms.

I am from the herb garden, the chestnut trees whose long gone limbs I remember as though they were my own.

I’m from hamburgers in the fireplace and not admitting I’m angry, from a 91-year-old grandpa in heaven and a brand new nephew on earth.

I’m from singing in parts and staying up late and making much of babies.

I’m from You’ll be just fine and Anything worth doing is worth doing right and Jesus loves me this I know.

I’m from rich holiday dinners, from seeds in deep rows of earth, from houses built with our hands.

I’m from Minnesota and France and Germany and homemade cookies and southern tea; from dad getting spanked in school and pretending to cry, from the Roth family Bible, from birthday boxes from one grandma and faint memories from the other and china heirlooms from both.

I am from Coblentz and Yoder and Yutzy and Zook.

I guess I am from Shari.


Where are you “from” right this minute? Jammies and hot chocolate? Laundry in stacks and too long a to-do list? Tell me.

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10 years ago

overwhelmed by a need to simplify my life and wondering where to begin

10 years ago

This is beautiful in a deep, achy kind of way. Thanks for letting us read over your shoulder! And you’re from Yoder too? Never knew. =)

10 years ago

I love this picture into who you are!

10 years ago

Where I’m from right now? A heavy, baby-swollen body; a girlie who pats my cheek and calls me precious; that stack of family photos that STILL needs mailed; and – thank God for my angel husband! – relatively few dirty dishes on the counter. And hope. So very thankful for hope.

10 years ago

A boy who sits calm after an afternoon of napping battles; Winter term assignments waiting and a bath calling; beautiful praise music filling my little house; laundry stalled mid-cycle in a half-broken washer.

10 years ago

Right now… I’m from boys sleep-sprawled across upstairs bunks, from drool damp shoulders, baby-soaked, from her sucking two fingers asleep in the crib. I’m from meatballs and rice and peach cobbler for supper,from sweet daughters cleaning up the wreck of a kitchen, from bathing a two year old and chasing boys thru the upstairs laughing. I’m from a hot shower and warm bed waiting, and the cold crisp night clamping stars straight up in the sky. And I’m from “oh yeah, now I have a writing assignment for tomorrow!”

10 years ago

I just completed the template of I am from…. Talk about a blessing! I just figured out who I am!! 🙂 So amazing to think over what makes us who we are and what we believe about ourself.

So, I’d be so curious to see what my little brother (not the boss) would write! Would it be anything from home that he’d remember or see as shaping, as I do? Just wondering…

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