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Here is an update on my door project. I plan eventually to add the Bible verse, probably embroidered on a little pillow for the chair. But for right now… a hanging herb garden.

The only real herbs I had available to transplant at the moment were oregano (hanging) and garlic chives (in the brown crock). Otherwise, I used other greens–spider plants, an African violet, wandering jew, a “Little Jewel” succulent, fern, and a couple of unidentifieds I had on hand. Eventually I plan to expand or replace my collection so it’s dominated by herbs. The wreath will not stay.

I can’t wait till the plants grow out!

Happily, the only thing I had to buy for the project was the terra cotta pots, and they are extremely inexpensive.

Kudos to Marlene for the hanging herb garden idea! And to April for the terra cotta with wire idea. It was super simple and fun: essentially a ring of wire around the pot, and a three-point hanger twisted together at the top to form a loop, easily hooked over a nail. The curlicues come from wrapping the wire around a pencil.

Thanks to all who contributed ideas. One of the things I love best about blogging is hearing from so many incredible people. Keep talking!

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10 years ago

SO CUUUUTE!!! I think you should keep the wreath on there as a lil somethin somethin. That is just way too adorable – thanks for sharing ~ ♥

10 years ago

Wow! Very very cool!

10 years ago

Cute AND functional: two of my favorite qualities in decor. I love this.

10 years ago

It looks nice on the picture, and really, really great in real life!

LaDonna Nice
10 years ago

Love this!

10 years ago

Darling and functional… two favorites of mine. Plus plants? WINNER. 🙂

10 years ago

love it!

10 years ago

I totally love this. We have similar taste and style.

10 years ago

I think you’ve done amazing things with this door and other house decor. I like your style, kid.

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