The Door unloaded

Confession: I am really, really good at providing problems. Solutions, not so much.

I’m always falling in love with doors–some of them in literature, some on other people’s houses. I am scheming ways of quietly removing two chipped pale blue ones from a neighbor’s domicile as we speak. Did I say that out loud? Anyway, I fell in love with another this summer: a beautiful piece of our falling-down shed.

(I am detecting a lot of falling in this post. Must be the time of year.)

I painted the door and distressed it. I badly wanted to permanently attach it to our dining room wall, with a Bible verse.

Look! I stand at the door and knock. If you hear my voice and open the door, I will come in, and we will share a meal together as friends. Revelation 3:20

After all this, we now come to the point:

The door weighs many pounds.

Unmountable, says the man of the house.

So here it stands. We fervently hope that whatever the leaves and the shed and the heart of a woman are doing, the door itself will not be falling anytime soon. It would leave a dent.

It has some wonderful hinges and a hook latch, which you can’t see very well against the baseboard…

Here it stands, currently upside down, because the rough-edged bottom boards (which I love–there is a lot of love in this post too) cannot support their own weight. Mucho problemo.

Any ideas?

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11 years ago

That is a very cool door! I didn’t notice that it was upside-down until you said so. I think it looks great just like it is. I can’t tell exactly how big it is, but couldn’t you just lean it against the wall instead of attaching it? You could even put the words above it with the vinyl letters. And a big pot of ivy on the floor in front of it. Etc.

Ruth Byler
11 years ago

lovely door, beautiful idea….how to hang it hmmmm~would using it outside such as on the porch or in a flower bed (leaned against or attached to a post) be an option?

11 years ago

I am picturing it on your “soon-to-be” beautiful front porch arranged in a welcoming sort of way with some plants and maybe an old chair or barrel or crates…
I am also wondering if it would be stable enough to simply lean it in a corner of your dining room. The upside would be that you could create some extra storage space behind it. 🙂

11 years ago
Reply to  Shaunda

Soon to be, huh? Yes, keep dreaming for us. Maybe if we sign a gas lease… 🙂

11 years ago

I agree with the one comment – I didn’t realize it was upside down until you said something. That door is a GREAT find!! Can you go on Pinterest and search “wooden doors” or something?? I don’t know. I’d probably still prop it against a wall, put your verse on it and make a few small wreaths to hang on it depending on the season. Can’t wait to see what you do with it!

mama zook
11 years ago

and it naturally has a “Z” on it that makes it announce the home of the Zooks!! I vote for on the porch with a wooden rocker and a barrel of flowers!! Are you needing a carpenter to build the porch?

Mom Coblentz
11 years ago

Who but a Zook would have noticed the Z?? Good observation, and yes, Loila, please come and provide a carpenter…I’m voting for the dining room because I love the verse you picked, Shari. As to hanging it, I’m no help whatsoever, BUT I say attach it or I firmly believe Regan would find a way to move it. 🙂

Marlene Stoltzfus
11 years ago

Perhaps you could use it as a table-top…for a coffee table, art table, reading table. Or maybe as a unique headboard. Or mount hooks on it and attach a bench or something and use it in an entry way. Or you could mount planters on it and cascade it full of flowers or use it as your own standing kitchen herb garden. (As you can tell, I am also interested in old doors and their uses. Chipped pale blue doors? Especially inviting.)

11 years ago

You are just the compatriot I was waiting for–full of fervor. Meet me at midnight by the old pine. We’ll go bag us some treasures.

Oh my. Love the standing herb garden idea!

11 years ago

Shari, Yours is such a wonderful idea that I feel almost giddy with anticipation to see the end result. I’m pretty sure that I am going to copy it sometime – but not without your permission first. And a door. 🙂 Jolynn

11 years ago

My BIL has gotten paid to hang extremely heavy, extremely expensive art (VERY important it doesn’t fall), so I’m guessing there is some kind of secure hanger out there you could buy.

11 years ago

I just asked Steve and he said you can buy a hanger at Home Depot/Lowes called a french cleat picture hanger that can hang really heavy things. (He just hung a similar one today. Why don’t I brag about him instead of my BIL. :)) Anyway. There’s a hook that attaches to whatever you’re hanging, and one that is fastened to the wall (into a stud). The two then interlock and provide a very strong hold. “So like 50 lb.?” I asked innocently?

“Oh, no! More like 200.”

So hang away, my friend. Although maybe after all the other suggestions you don’t want to hang it anymore. 🙂

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