High heels, sweet expression

Confession: This picture Regan colored for me provokes a wry grin on the outside, and shrieks of unspeakable mirth on the inside.

It has nothing to do with the purple hair.

Though there is nothing wrong with the image (or the text), the longer you look at it the funnier it gets.

It reminds me of this picture I found on a card in The Strip District in Pittsburgh:

Credit: Anne Taintor–Vintage Revisited

So. Anyone else feel the occasional irreverence toward our high and holy calling?

Sometimes it helps to laugh. If you had to sublimate your ambitions, wouldn’t you rather do it in high heels?

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Janelle Glick
11 years ago

Yes and Yes. This morning was a case in point; 45 minutes after I fed my boys what I thought was a large breakfast of eggs, toast, AND cereal, they are both eating an apple. Don’t they ever get full? Am I to spend the next 20 years of my life supplying food for three meals and six snacks a day?

Today my ambition is a simple trip to the library, the adult library, all by myself!

But still – I am definitely laughing.

Suzanna Weaver
11 years ago

Yes! I’m smiling…no, actually chuckling! Thanks for the humor!

11 years ago

Hilarious! And yes.

11 years ago

My mom actually was always up, dressed, making breakfast, doing laundry, etc. by the time we children got up. Somewhere I have failed to take the torch.

Alvin S
11 years ago

For those who care to share, I would be curious to know what ambitions you are sublimating for the high calling of motherhood.

Shari Zook
11 years ago
Reply to  Alvin S

Oh, I was speaking hypothetically of course. None of us really wanted to be great linguists, immortal book authors, and world travelers.


Joanna Sch
11 years ago

@ Janelle Glick-
More like supplying food for 6 meals and 12 snacks a day- I feel like a food machine-
but they are healthy…and growing 🙂
I have a 19,17,and 11 yr old boy with bottomless pits and wooden legs- never full—

Mom Coblentz
11 years ago
Reply to  Joanna Sch

Right now I want to underscore…THEY ARE HEALTHY!!!! Enjoy that part of it and thank God every day…no matter how many meals you need to cook.

11 years ago

What I find amazing is that the children come out dressed and apparently combed? I could be cooking too as I greet them… Oh well, combing the girls’ hair is a good one-on-one time.

11 years ago
Reply to  Beth

Ha ha ha.
My thoughts exactly.
Seriously though, we’re supposed to keep up appearances after all…!

11 years ago

My thoughts are too scandalous to post in such a public setting.

11 years ago

My chuckles keep wanting to roll out as I look at these two pictures but I must be quiet or one of them will wake up and want a snack.

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