The great bear sighting

Life around home / Tuesday, June 27th, 2017

Guess who came by my house on Sunday morning?

Yes, truly. And he {or she} is too beautiful not to share.

No, I am not a stupid and I did not go out chasing him to ask for his autograph. I videoed from my own porch, within arm’s reach of my door, with my husband right beside me. Our guest came to within 15 yards of us.

His presenceĀ is considerably more alarming because of the fact that my children regularly play in this space. {shudder} And this was his second visit in two days. But he was awfully exciting all the same, and we have not seen him since.


6 Replies to “The great bear sighting”

  1. Wow!! They are a magnificent creature!! At least as long as they stay where they belong! We have one around here too, enjoying the same black raspberries that we want to pick!! Thanks for sharing the video!

  2. Shari, Google “largest bear in Lancaster county.” There was one captured last week in someone’s backyard. Maybe you videoed the record-breaking bear!

  3. These beasts are magnificent and rather awe inspiring but I wish they’d stay away off in the mountain tops. I just had one come onto my property and slaughter 20 fat chicken just ready for processing along with 4 half grown guineas. I don’t like bears.

  4. I love how the camera does a little skip at the first “Shoo”! Pretty sure mine would have been a little skippy too. ?

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