I added a new feature to my blog! See my Thanks List tab, frequently updated–more for my sake than yours, honestly.

I also refreshed my Current Reading tab, and will continue to do so occasionally.

As always, you may subscribe to my blog by using the widget on the right hand side. (I don’t know what a widget is either. I just love the feel of the word. Wouldn’t it make a great name for a pet?)

Thanks for reading!

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11 years ago

I saw the books on SPD… I never knew that disorder existed. We have (more in the past, but still sometimes occasionally) wondered if Miguel has mild ADD or something similar, maybe OCD, yet not everything really matched up… I googled SPD just now and some of that rings true for our son, though certainly not all of it. What made you begin to suspect or realize this about Reagan?
Maybe our child is just high-strung and emotional like his mother. That’s what we always kinda circle back to in the end. (!!) But I was still curious about your experience?

11 years ago

I was first thinking– “there you go with a name for your new bunny”, but then I began to think of your goat also. I think Widget sounds like a perfect name. Perhaps. Although I don’t know what a widget really is. Kinda sounds like a goat.

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