Fondant and five-year-olds

Confession: I’m breaking an internal vow. I had decided not to post pictures of any birthday cakes I make for my kids. This is supposed to be a confessions site, not a brag page. Yes?

But here I am doing it, for this reason: if you like decorating cakes, you have to try fondant!

Fondant is a very firm cake topping, able to be rolled or shaped. I used this recipe, made of nothing but marshmallows and powdered sugar. Revolting, I know. It tastes revolting as well, to everyone but the children and the young at heart. But it’s sooo easy to work with. An amateur like me can do detail way better with a Play-dough-like substance than with a frosting tube. (And pick it off again before eating.)

I started with plain white frosting…

…and decorated entirely with fondant, dyed three different colors. Most of it I rolled thinly onto waxed paper and cut with a knife into shapes. Some of it I rolled into logs or balls, particularly for the detail work.

Our only wrinkle came in dying the fondant. Gray is a more difficult shade than it initially appears. We started by adding a delicate squirt of black gel icing. Um. Did you know that black icing is not actually black? It’s very, very dark green. “Whoa,” said Regan. “Where’s that green comin from?”

“Hooold itttt,” I said eloquently. And we stood and giggled for a long time while I kneaded away at undeniably green dough. We finally got the right mixture of brown and “green” to make a passable gray.

A super fun process for me. And it made my boy very, very happy.

Try it!

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11 years ago


11 years ago

If this were on facebook I would hit the “like” button! Thanks for sharing!

11 years ago

I love your creativity, Shari! And I didn’t know making fondant was so easy. Now I want to try it. 🙂 Those cupcakes are darling, as is Regan’s face. You’re such a good mom!

Mom Coblentz
11 years ago

He is toooo cute!!

mama zook
11 years ago

and I can envision him taking things apart or putting them together with his tools!! I’m sure he was a very happy carpenter!! Did you do his birthday early? Why was I thinking it was on the 16th? A grandma for you…too many to remember! = ) Happy birthday Regan!!

Wendy Zook
11 years ago

Tristan’s birthday cake in the spring I used fondant too. I love it! I have Ginevra’s b-day coming up in a month and plan to use fondant again. 🙂

11 years ago

Your cake is something to brag about! I love your creativity in making cakes. It is something I celebrate and enjoy in other people. 😉

11 years ago

I’m glad you shared. It was sharing, not bragging. 😉

11 years ago

I love Regan and his shining eyes! What a great cake!

11 years ago

Great cake. I love working with fondant too. But you really shouldn’t write so modestly about your own capabilities with an icing tube. I know better than to swallow that one from you!!! 🙂

11 years ago

Oh, Wow! I love it!! I’ve been wanting to play with fondant, but just never have. It looks like such fun. With simple ingredients like the two you used I do think I’ll try it! Your tools are just adorable. I was admiring the cake then scrolled down to the cupcakes…and my smile got even bigger. Miniatures are so precious. Posts like these can feel like you’re showing off, but I always love when other moms post them because they inspire me.

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