Food / Friday, September 14th, 2012

Look at this:

Ahhh. Fall is the perfect time for salads. This one has apple chunks, craisins, and sugared walnuts over fresh spinach leaves.

And an extra ingredient—well, what do you know? A note!

Yes. My brother Josh is everything that is excellent and amiable. Among all his outstanding virtues, he has this fault—he cannot eat a salad topped with fruit without grumbling about “these postmodern salads” and “what the world is coming to.”

So I preempted him. Touché, most excellent and finicky hermano.

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Mom Coblentz
10 years ago

Chuckling! And for his information, the salad was marvelous!! Psst…I’ll just bet he kinda liked it too.

mama zook
10 years ago

I love this salad!!