Farmhouse Soaps: Giveaway winners

Promotions / Tuesday, March 17th, 2020

Thank you for participating in the Farmhouse Soaps giveaway!

We pulled two names out of the hat (no cheating, I promise, although I can’t vouch for the intelligence of computers)… And I’m happy to announce the winners!

First Place: Colleen – She will select four free bars of choice.

Runner Up: Becky – She will select two!

For the rest of you, have fun placing orders now that you know you’re not pulling off a free win. [Wink.] All those good flavors are still out there!

Farmhouse Soaps are available on Etsy. Free shipping over $35. Follow them on Facebook or Instagram for updates on scents and special deals. Or send a note to [email protected] to be put on an email updates list.

Again, thanks for joining.

– Shari

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Wendy Zook
11 months ago

Thanks to Shari for hosting and all of you for joining in! Congrats to the winners! I am excited to get your soap out to you!

11 months ago

Thank you both for your generosity. A very pleasant surprise!