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Promotions / Monday, March 9th, 2020

This giveaway is closed as of 3/16/2020. Thank you for joining!

Confession: I’ve always been a patsy for artisan products made by people I love. I enjoy promoting awareness of homemade pottery, DIY crafts, roasted coffee beans, fresh cheese, and lovely soaps.

Today, we’re talking lovely soaps – handmade in the kitchen of my friend Wendy Zook. She’s been making soap for three or four years, and selling it for two, branded as Farmhouse Soaps. In fact, I hosted a giveaway for her a year and a half ago.

But her business recently changed locations, and she’s got some exciting new products in the works, including a natural line coming soon!

Wendy and I go way back to when we were teens, where I loved her for her energy, quirky optimism, and good cooking. She now lives in south central Pennsylvania with her husband Travis (whom I grew up with) (and who turned out to be the cousin of my sweetheart)… and their eight children, including ten-month-old twins.

Photo courtesy of Travis & Wendy Zook.

With Farmhouse Soaps, Wendy uses simple recipes: mostly coconut, olive, and palm oils, with fragrance oils for scent and micas for coloring. All are homemade in small batches, and hand-cut.

Farmhouse Soaps are hypoallergenic, easy on skin, and a pleasure to use as hand, facial, or body soap. They come packaged in pretty vellum wrappers.

As a promotion, Farmhouse Soaps is offering a giveaway to Confessions readers. To one first-place winner, four bars of your choice. To a runner-up, two bars of choice.

Winners will be permitted to choose their own scents, from available bars in stock. Current fragrances are noted on the Etsy shop at Farmhouse Enterprises – but they include:

  • some toasty scents for those of us who still have a month left of cold (Marshmallow Fireside Pepperberry Mistletoe Pumpkin Souffle GingerbreadCrisp Air & Winterberry)
  • scrumptious botanicals (White Tea & GingerBlack Raspberry VanillaApple SageBlood Orange & Goji Berry)
  • romantic fragrances (Sapphire NightsDark KissesMoon Lake MuskLovespellPassionate Kisses)
  • and summery sunshine scents for the seasons just ahead (Hibiscus Guava FrescaGrapefruit MintCashmere PetalsBahama Vacation).

Now I’m so in the mood for summer! Though I’m sure the only Bahama Vacation I will be taking is in my bathtub, which suits me fine – as long as there’s sunshine outside the window.

All Farmhouse Soaps are made using what’s called “cold process.” When you heat soap to create it, some of the benefits of the good oils are lost. Cold process allows those natural benefits to be preserved.

“Charcoal Facial”

Wendy’s new line of purely natural soaps is being poured and cured right now, and will be available mid-April. This line features essential oils for scent, and natural colorants like clays, beet root, and safflower. Oooh. First fragrances include Eucalyptus & Mint, Orange, Woodsy, and Lemongrass. The Zooks are hoping to expand line that soon, with more delicious options.


Farmhouse Soaps is on Facebook and Instagram. They also have an email list, so you can sign up for updates that way. Just drop a note to [email protected].

And again, the easiest place to buy is their Etsy shop, here at Farmhouse Enterprises, where the shipping options are best: including free shipping over $35!

“Marshmallow Fireside”

To enter to win some great soap:

  • Please share this post and giveaway: either online (social media buttons below), or with a real life friend or two via text/email/word of mouth/you get the idea.
  • Then leave a comment below saying one thing you like to do in the sunshine – or a craft you enjoy creating yourself.
I’m excited to try “Diamonds and Pearls,” on the far right!

I was given a generous collection of Farmhouse Soaps in exchange for my hosting of this giveaway. All facts are correct to the best of my knowledge, and all opinions expressed are my own.

Giveaway will remain open for one week, closing at midnight on March 16. Open to anyone with a US or Canada mailing address. Two winners will be chosen by, contacted privately by me, and announced on this blog on March 17, if all goes smoothly.

Both of the Mrs. Zooks wish you well!

This giveaway is closed as of 3/16/2020. Thank you for joining!

110 Replies to “Giveaway: Zook’s Farmhouse Soaps”

  1. I love to have my personal quiet/worship time in the sun. In the spring or fall when the sun rays keep me just-right-warm without a jacket.

      1. Spring Sunshine makes me feel like I will live again! One of my very favorite things to do in the sun is work with my seeds and little seedlings for this coming gardening year. It is literal therapy.

  2. Hanging out laundry, mow grass, work in flower beds or the garden. Although it is more important to me that it’s warm.

  3. These soaps look lovely! It was a marvelously sunny day here today, and I strolled the neighbourhood. I love to see our whole town burst out of hibernation about this time of year! 🙂

  4. I love sunshine. Period. Today I sat out in the sunshine and listened to an audiobook and let the world go by. I love swimming, walking with a friend, paddle boarding, snorkeling, or just sitting in the sunshine doing nothing. Gardening, mowing, collecting shells, camping; actually, if it’s in the sunshine, I probably live it, no matter what the activity.

  5. Sitting outside writing in my gratitude journal…”4 o’clock shadows slanting happily across the greening turf…”

  6. Wow, those soaps look pretty enough to eat!!
    Favorite thing? Hmmm.. maybe watching a glorious Midwestern sunset. Not sure if that applies but seeing the sky painted in pink, orange, and red as the sunshine fades from the sky is just marvelous.

  7. I very much enjoy working in my garden these beautiful spring days. These soaps are beautiful, i would have a difficult time choosing!

  8. I love homemade soap! 🙂 I also love sunshiney days for swimming, and light-n-shadow photography. And… napping near a window with sunshine streaming in…especially on a cold winter day! 😍

      1. I love working in my flowerbeds and the garden!! Finding beautiful flowers that grow well in Texas has its own challenges coming from PA!😊 But it can be made beautiful with things that do well here. And right now especially is a favorite time of year; the wildflowers are blooming!!! Texas bluebonnets are the best! I love all things natural, and I love these kinds of soaps; they’re gentle on the body! Summer scents would be my favorite!

  9. What attractive soaps and scents! Recess time with my students or taking a walk with a friend are some of my favorite things to do in the sunshine.

  10. Reading in the sunshine is best for me! Our balcony faces West, and in the summer we get so much afternoon sunshine.

  11. Digging in the dirt with the sun on my back or games with the school children in the fresh spring sunshine bring delight!
    Those soaps look delightful!

  12. I love spending a day at the ocean with my family, hearing the shoosh of waves and feeling sun streaming down. It’s absolutely mind restoring.

  13. Sitting outside in full sunshine is one of my favorite writing spots. Digging in the dirt and napping in my hammock follows close behind.

  14. I enjoy creating healing teas and syrups. (Sorry to post twice. I realized my first comment was accidently in reply to someone else.)

  15. Watering my plants is always fun, but it gets even more delightful when the sun is streaming in.
    Farmhouse soaps are lovely! Far superior to the bars I made in a class with our school community where we colored the soap with crayon melted in hot process soap. It smelled exactly like crayola and NOT like the sun ripened blackberries I had intended. 🙄

    1. Hearing your soap making story again, has been making me chuckle. Please know if/when you get back East you are definitely welcome to come for a soap making class. I will try to help make those “sun ripened blackberry” dreams come true! 😉😂

  16. I am strangely fond of pulling weeds in the sunshine, and even fonder of homemade soap….🙂 Is this the first time you’ve sucked me into a giveaway? I never trust that random dot org business 😉

  17. Hanging up laundry and then the delightful smell of fresh sheets baked in the sunshine when you crawl into bed that night! Also working in the greenhouse…until it gets too hot🌞

  18. Sitting outside in nature with my journal, Bible and God! Add a rippling brook, or crashing waves, a trickling fountain or gentle breeze… Aww.. sunshiny spring!

  19. I like to sit in the sunshine just soaking it up, and work in the garden.
    Wow! Those pictures/soaps are stunning!! If I go ahead and purchase free-shipping-$35-worth I’m more likely to win, right? 🙂

    1. That is correct! I always win things when they’re too late to be of help. 😂 However, in this case it’s hard to imagine having too much soap…

  20. It’s so enjoyable to hang laundry out on a beautiful sunshiny day! Also taking a walk down to the creek, or sitting on the front porch just soaking it in 🙂 I would love to win some of this beautiful soap.

    1. I enjoying making tinctures from elderberries and echinacea…and sunshine? Can’t get enough of it esp. when you live in NE Ohio!😊

  21. I enjoy making things with yarn, my latest project is a set of hot pads made with 100% cotton, they’re my favorite kind when I need to handle hot pans.

    1. I had been enjoying my morning Bible reading just as the sun came up. It would pour into the east window and it just felt like God smiling. Then daylight savings came and messed it up. I still enjoy the Bible reading, albeit without the sun.

  22. I love to curl up in the square patch that shines through the window onto the floor. I always have. When I was a kid, I would just lie there like a lazy cat. Now, I love to sit there and read.

  23. Sunshine is my favorite, to sit quietly under a blue sky and feel the sun warm on face is like heaven. I also love to make all the things: herbal healing salve, elderberry syrup, my own body wash and shampoo. These soaps look so amazing!

  24. Rambles on Sunday afternoons in the sunshine are food for my soul. Maybe wading in the creek would also fit in here. And rearranging my flowerbeds in early spring. Also removing large portions of quack grass roots from fine loose soil is a joy.

  25. I love to go swimming, reading a book, helping in the garden, taking walks, horseback riding, and playing volleyball!!!

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