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This week has been unbelievable, one gift after another. I spent time with teenage girls. I had pizza and salad with a friend. I spent time with town kiddos. I had Sunday dinner with his parents and a weeknight dinner with mine. I sat in a graveyard in the sun with no one but God and my thoughts. I had lunch with my mom and husband and brother. I had tea and cranberry scones with another friend. I walked the dam and ate ice cream with my church ladies.


And this morning as I prepared to go for a coffee date with my husband, our babysitter showed up at the door and I learned that our “date” was her brainchild… That she had come prepared to give me six hours of solitude. That I could start the day with coffee with my husband, and the rest of the time was my own. That she had packed a backpack with everything I would need.

A water bottle

Energy bites

A warm thick blanket

Five books

A beautiful blank journal

An iPod with headphones

A pen, pencil, and eraser

Lunch and coffee money

She made me leave her a task list of what I want done today. She brought a stack of books to read to my preschooler in my absence. I started crying.


I am sitting in a library looking out at the mist, silence humming around me. I have never been so rich.


How has Jesus met you in His people?

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10 years ago

Just took a bit of time to read this and have to reply! I know this feeling. This winter with the things we were dealing with we had so many people rally around us; bringing in meals, a girl to clean for a month, babysitting, etc. I feel so beyond blessed! God truly cares for His own above and beyond that which I could imagine!

10 years ago

Beautiful, Shari!

Friends encouraging me to find a doctor for ongoing health problems, recommending one, and asking if they should check up on me to see if I actually made the appointment. The same friends praying for me the evening I was crying because my headache was so painful and life was just too hard. A friend telling me that if we couldn’t find anyone else she and her husband would stay home from the marriage retreat and watch our children because they don’t have any and get nights to themselves all the time. Three different people surprising us with gifts of money right when we really needed it. A sweet friend praying over me just what I needed. And I hadn’t even told her what I needed. God did apparently.

And I know that God is kind and we are rich in friends.

10 years ago

You are VERY rich! 🙂 I think God loves to put thoughts like that in heads to show us His goodness and care.

10 years ago

Amazing! What a sweet idea. Could she hang out in Oregon for awhile?

10 years ago
Reply to  Bertha

She is one in a million.

10 years ago

I love this, these are the best gifts! Keep writing & looking to Jesus!
-an interweb stalker/friend

10 years ago

Jesus brought me Swirlies ice cream for an afternoon snack. Three flavors, even!

10 years ago

God is faithful! Always! Both of my young sons have serious food interances n allergies. Without dredging up all the wearisome details, suffice it to say my last night of good sleep was years ago. This past year has been one of the hardest, richest years in my life. My mom randomly bought me new cookbooks, clothes and things for the boys from her home hours away. God sent a new best friend in – the grocery store!! My husband and I have never been more open and close. While I don’t enjoy them, I highly recommend trials!:)

10 years ago

Wow, what a gift. Sometimes i wonder what good is left in this world. It is sick and full of evil. Then i hear stories like this and know that there is still lots of salt and light left in this world. There is still a lot of good people left in this world. We need more stories like this. I am delighted you had the opportunity to experience a God filled week.

10 years ago

Wow! Bless your friend! More recently, it’s been Jesus meeting me through people. One morning last week, it was a patient principal who listened well when I felt really depressed and told him, “I don’t know how I’m gonna make it” accompanied by tears and everything….. and he stood there and heard me out, then suggested I take a walk during chapel time for a bit of solitude. I’d never make it without people.

10 years ago

So glad your day was fun! She was helping me this week and as we washed windows, she told me about her marvelous idea… 🙂

10 years ago

sounds like an all you can eat buffet!!! 🙂
It makes me very happy to see this kind of interaction between a younger and older (you can slap me later) lady from my church!!

Mama Murrey
10 years ago

I just read that Jackie Pullinger book and it is GOOD. A friend who will give you “Chasing the Dragon” (besides all the other details of that date) must be pretty amazing.

10 years ago

My first thought was Shari must be an awesome friend…

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