Daisy project and template

Confession: I love parties. Especially parties celebrating new stages in life—birthdays, graduations, first babies, true love.

Last month I was privileged to help with a bridal shower for a friend: planning games and gifts, decorating for spring, and baking pretty cupcakes. Here’s one little idea I thought you might enjoy adapting for a party of your own, perhaps a baby shower or a high school grad.

whole daisy project

Our bride-to-be loves daisies, and grows beautiful ones each summer. Building on that theme, I cut daisy parts out of cardstock: white petals, golden centers, and green leaves. As our guests arrived, we gave each of them a petal, and asked them to write on it one sentence of advice for the bride in her new life.

daisy project 1

Afterwards, I arranged the daisy parts in a frame, and glued them into place. A large piece of poster board would make a nice backdrop, but since I forgot that small detail [oops] a piece of freezer paper did the trick, doctored with sky-blue sidewalk chalk and a clear coat of hairspray.

daisy project 3

Now our bride can keep it forever.

whole daisy project 1

I love all the different styles of handwriting, and the timeless words.

Let go of resentments.

Prepare his favorite food often.

Light a candle and put it in the window for him before he comes home.

Wear matching outfits to church.

Let him say “yes” to things that do not include you.

Talk about irritations while they are still small.

Find someone to mentor.

Go on dates even after your wedding. Take turns planning your times together.

No matter how [he] does a task, never go back and redo it.

daisy project 2

I don’t know, but there were some smart chicks at that party…


Posted with permission from the bride.

Would you like to try the project? Or just have fun with paper daisies? Here is a printable template for your enjoyment.


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The Boss
9 years ago

That’s what I like about you. You have ideas.

Loretta Musser
9 years ago

Shari, that is a really, really great idea! I am going to pass it on to my sister who has a daughter getting married in May.

Beth Russo
9 years ago

I actually got butterflies in my stomach when I saw this, it’s so cute!! My daughter is getting married soon and it’s too late for a shower, but I wonder if I could do this at the reception – have a petal at each place for them to write something and put it on the daisy during the evening. My head is filled with ideas now – THANK YOU and great job (love the freezer paper – you crack me up).

9 years ago

Very good suggestions…smart gals!!

9 years ago

You are the Queen of Party Planners!!! This was a fantastic idea and I’m thinking of hiring you to plan a big bash for when Cassie starts sleeping through the night. 🙂

9 years ago
Reply to  Shaunda

I don’t even know y’all, but this made me laugh! 😀 Could you please invite my just-turned-one-year-old-son-who-still-doesn’t-sleep-through-the-night?? 🙂

9 years ago

Love this idea!

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