Cheesecake slices two ways

Speaking of using most-of-a-dish-with-this-recipe and a-little-left-over-for-that-one,

Here’s something we did with a New York style cheesecake I made.

The first half, we ate with cherry pie filling,

Because what could be better?

(Recipe here, only made with a graham cracker crust instead of Oreo.)

And the second half, we drizzled with peanut butter

And Nutella

That we’d warmed a little first.

It was quite delectable.

Do you have a favorite two-way recipe? What delicious things have you been eating lately?

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2 years ago

That looks absolutely delicious!

2 years ago

We love fried rice (with leftover rice, now that I think of it). When I’m sautéing cooked chicken or beef, onions, garlic, carrots, zucchini, anything, I set a little cupful aside to scramble in eggs the next morning or toss onto an egg casserole.

2 years ago

I’m getting a cheesecake craving! I have a plain cheesecake recipe. (it’s a healthier version, ???? I know that’s taboo on here but it plays into my story????) Sometimes I top it with a sour cream topping and fresh fruit and sometimes with chocolate, pecans & caramel. If that fruit topped “healthy” version shows up at a gathering beside a full bore salted caramel or chocolate peanut butter cheesecake; the children ignore the sugar free sign and dig into that fruit topped cheesecake. And I ignore the pricks of my conscience and have some of that full bore salted caramel. ????????

2 years ago

Yum! Yes, I like to make a maple syrup pumpkin cheesecake and have 2/3rds of it for supper, then take the other third and eat it too!

2 years ago

Now I want cheesecake!????

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