A brief emotive lexicon

Life around home / Thursday, August 14th, 2014

Bewildered: (adj.) The feeling I get when listening to this conversation.

“Hey Kelly, can you see my head?”


“Can you see my finguhs?”


“Can you see my feet?”

“No. Now let me ask you some questions. Can you see my arms?”


“Can you see my face?”


“Can you see my toes?”




Nonjealous: (n.) The feeling I have for Matt Walsh today.

Aghast: (adj.) The feeling of dropping a bit of eggshell into the breakfast casserole I’m cooking for my mother-in-law.*

Atonement: (n.) The feeling of holding a crying child against my chest until the ouchie enters my heart and the healing, his.

Bizzy: (adj.) The feeling that this blog post is long enough. If I do not publish quickly it will be swallowed up in the green beans and laundry stacks, the evening plans and the clamoring kids, the headache and the task list. Adios, friends.


*This one comes from a couple of weeks ago. The memory lingers.

Your turn! What feelings capture pieces of your day? I’d love to hear…

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    1. Where’s the ‘like’ button when you need one?! 🙂 This is why I didn’t comment – total lack of wittiness. All I could think of was “bed (n) – all you want after a day spent putting up 30 doz ears of corn”. I used to have mirages too……I kinda forget what they feel like! 🙂

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