Birthday goodness

What I think about birthdays is this: They are a day to catch a glimpse of how much we’re loved.

If we lived with such an outpouring of abundance 365 days a year, it would go to our heads. This should not be, and I look forward to the day when we will live out all our moments in the realization of infinite love, without going to insecurity, performance or egotism—but meanwhile—we live here. And He gives us a few days a year in which to wash our souls in it, and then go on.

I was very spoiled yesterday.

When I awoke to emails from people I didn’t know, I collared my husband and shook the truth out of him. Okay, he confessed before I got quite so violent. THANK you to each of you who blessed me on my birthday. Your words were a treat and a soul-balm.

And the whole world looked like it had been frosted–I got to make a big snowman with my kiddos.

And my mom spoiled me with this amazing dinner…

dinner at Mom's

And my friend made me tea… and took me out for breakfast.

And I was given such beautiful treasures.


My sis-in-law is making candle rings with foraged wild rose hips… And my sis gave me an ultra-cool book to write in… And my kids know all about me and chocolate… And my husband took the cake with the set of books I’ve been dreaming of for months.

This morning, a friend delivered a mocha and a croissant and this exquisite orchid.


If I were a swearing girl I would be saying things right here about how holy this all is. Actually I am a swearing girl, but I try to keep a lid on it in public.

Then to top off all this sentiment, my cousin [-ish] sent me the lyrics to a They Might Be Giants song that went like this:

You’re older than you’ve ever been…
And now you’re even older…
And now you’re even older…
And now you’re even older…
You’re older than you’ve ever been…
And now you’re even older…
And now you’re older still!

Time is marching on…
And time…
Is still marching on.

This day will soon be at an end…
And now it’s even sooner…
And now it’s even sooner…
And now it’s even sooner…
This day will soon be at an end…
And now it’s even sooner…
And now it’s sooner still!


So. What I do when I’m given a day of love is I bask deeply. And the next morning I get up and luxuriate for a while, and then I go scrub something.

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9 years ago

What a wonderful day! I read those books, borrowed from a sis in law, and they are an eye opener! Enjoy them, they made me feel extremely blessed.

9 years ago

Glad you didn’t have an Eeyore kind of birthday.

“It’s bad enough,” said Eeyore, almost breaking down, “being miserable myself, what with no presents and no cake and no candles, and no proper notice taken of me at all, but if everybody else is going to be miserable too–”

Glad you know how much you are loved.

9 years ago

Happy Birthday! Looks like you had a good one. 🙂

I’ve read the Call the Midwife series, too. At least the first two. In one of them, there is a chapter describing a … well, a “bordello” to use a polite term. I know you can handle it, but honestly I wish I had skipped that chapter. I’m left with mental images I’d rather not have at my disposal. :S Just FYI. And otherwise the books are FANTASTIC, both for content and for style. She had some amazing experiences!

9 years ago
Reply to  Jenn

Thanks, Jenn. This would bother me too and I will keep an eye out for it.

Beth Russo
9 years ago

I am SO thrilled that you had such an amazing day ~ well earned and well deserved. You are loved. ♥

9 years ago

You deserve such a special day! Blessings!

9 years ago

Happy belated Birthday wishes! I am delighted you were blessed and spoiled for a day. Birthday celebrations are a good occasion to express to those around us how much we do love them. So I am glad you were loved and celebrated. Bummer that you had to return so quickly to scrub something again! May the love and blessings ringing in your heart give you the courage to scrub and do the next menial job for days to come!

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