Bigger gifts for kids

Sometimes at Christmas, you want to give something a little nicer. These gift ideas also span an age range from toddler to teen, and come with our recommendation and delight.

  • $60 Arduino starter kit (I have no idea. My teenage son loved it, and learned a lot.)
  • $26 Hair styling head (I had a foster daughter who loved playing with hair and had a talent for it. She had a grand time with this.)
  • $40 Wooden train set, 100 pieces
  • $32 Pandemic (We like to buy a shared gift each Christmas, a huge puzzle or a new family game. This was last year’s choice – a complex, engrossing game of teamplay instead of competition. Players join together to beat the game itself.)

  • $40 Fisher Price “A Christmas Story” nativity set (So, so loved, all year round.)
  • $40 Jensen portable CD player (Probably our most-used Christmas gift of all time.)

I told you I love children’s gifts. Tis the season!

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