Baptism of a firstborn

Celebrations / Tuesday, June 11th, 2019

Aarick is shown here with us, and with grandparents John & Barb Coblentz. Missing his other set of grands, who would have liked to be there too.

He is still young,

Fourteen this month,

But his faith is his own.


He stands handsome in black and white,


His hands in his pockets.

He speaks truth

About his walk with God

And who he is


Before the water,

The cool and healing water,

Runs down his hair and splashes on the floor.

I did not know what I would feel,

Except pride,

But suddenly I shook and cried.


Like a birth, this end of child bearing,

This beginning of him walking to

The Father on his own.

8 Replies to “Baptism of a firstborn”

  1. I remember the feeling. The awe that God could take our mistakes and make something beautiful. I cry remembering. And I cry with every one of them. Not just the first. It inspires awe every time.

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