After fifteen years

Celebrations / Sunday, October 28th, 2018

We look so cute together.

That is what I think when I see us from the outside, and

I want more life with him.

We marked fifteen years this month

With a four-day stay in an apartment made from sparkling surfaces we hadn’t cleaned

And quiet evenings and riotous nights and lazy mornings.

We walked a two-mile pier into wind that made our ears burn

And we rambled through cathedrals

And graveyards and streets and bookstores.

We talked a lot

And we ate the tastiest that Buffalo had to offer.

Our favorite was an antique/ hipster/ groovy café

Where we knew all the songs

Where the coffee came with art

Where the table was a decoupaged masterpiece of color and texture.

We thought Why don’t we do this more often?!

Our children behaved beautifully for our parents and friends.

Then we came home and

Remembered. It’s the afterward that makes you suffer

But I would not trade those days of heaven

For the world.

14 Replies to “After fifteen years”

  1. Happy anniversary! So glad you shared about your trip (I was secretly hoping). Glad you had some refreshing time away! We admire you guys!

  2. Congratulations! You do look good. Glad you had a time of refreshment.

    And I don’t have to tell you to appreciate every single day you have with your man.

  3. Oh, I’m human enough to be jealous! 🙂 We just marked our 23rd and I told him we’ve been married now as long as we were single. So glad you cuties could get away. It’s still a dream for me…. but dreams do come true sometimes.

  4. Looks like you guys enjoy the same kind of outings we do! Quaint eateries, gems off the beaten pathway and beautiful scenes that soothe the soul!

  5. So happy that you guys carved out the space to make this happen. And even the aftermath is worth those delightful days of get-a-way and connection and rejuvenation. 🙂 I told someone recently that it is so romantic to think about going away on an anniversary trip and then after several days away, somehow it feels romantic to think of returning home again. *notice I said ‘to think of returning home’. The reality is usually a little startling.

  6. Happy Anniversary! I am grateful you had the opportunity to enjoy a 4-day getaway celebrating fifteen years of marriage. i pray you will have many more getaways. Hopefully the getaway memories made the suffering manageable and worthwhile! ?

  7. Fifteen years. Nice! Oops I just had a random thought: are congratulations in recognition of the privilege of so many years together, or the effort put into staying married. Nevertheless, congratulations. Interpret as desired. 😉

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