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I seem to be incapable of writing at the moment. Thank you for your care, prayers, and warm words; I am sorry I cannot reply as personally as you deserve. The Lord tells me it’s okay to shush and receive. I can only hope you will agree with Him. However, I am jotting daily letters to a boy I love.

Hi Reji Peji Spe-geji,

Thinking of you tonight and hoping that you are snuggling warm and toasty in your bed. It’s coooooold here – with several inches of snow. Chief Stan tells me you don’t have any snow there yet, but when you do, there may be sledding in the plans.

Jenny asked me to go sledding with her today. We couldn’t go up to the hill because we didn’t have enough time, but I pulled her around the lane. She was saying “faster, faster,” so I went faster – and then realized she was saying “NOT faster, NOT faster.” Oops. Well, she soon changed her mind and had a very nice time.

I wonder what you did today. I washed up the laundry and went for a chest x-ray for that cough I’ve been having. Tonight at dinner the doctor phoned me and said I have some pneumonia in my left lung. So he is giving me antibiotics for that, which I can start tomorrow. Don’t worry!! I’m already feeling better than I had been, and what I have is not serious. I’m relieved to get medicine that will help.

I don’t think I told you but when Dr. W examined me (remember I told you he’s kind of like Dr. L?), he said “Look up” and I’m like, okay, I’ll look at him. He said, “No, look way up. At the ceiling.” So I did, but it still wasn’t high enough so he had to sort of lift my nostril up by his flashlight so he could see into it, which is what he wanted all along. He said, “Sorry, I’m kind of tall.” No kidding.

Patient: ‘Doctor, I’ve swallowed a spoon.’
Doctor: ‘Sit down and don’t stir.’

Okay, I admit I pulled that joke straight from the web.

Hope you are having joy, my dear, and making progress already on your goals. Use each day to get a little stronger for the good. We are lifting you to Jesus every moment.


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5 years ago


Amy Z Kauffman
5 years ago

What a dear mother he has…

5 years ago

Dearest Shari,
I see from this post that you are in deep waters, and I commit to joining you there, through prayers and my love. I have no doubt that Jesus is with each one of your family, lifeguarding and holding the storm. Yet still, each must swim. And it is over the heavy arms and tired minds and bodies, that I pray tonight. May His grace, spirit, Life and Being protect, hold, and grow each one.

Much, much love,

5 years ago

Shari, ever since the week I apprenticed in R’s class this past fall, I’ve wanted to say or do something to somehow reflect the hope I have for your son, and the compassion I have for all those who love him and hurt with him. Shari, I’ve never talked to you about your son, but I had another student whose mother I talked to, and it makes me believe that it takes the best kind of mom to say “I can’t” and release them for a season, while loving them tight. My prayers are with you.

Mom Coblentz
5 years ago


5 years ago

I think of you often.
Your son might not realize it yet, but his mom is the queen of letter-writing. If you feel this is all you can give him right now (and I don’t know if you do feel this way), then remember at least one of your readers thinks this gift is gold and silver and rubies. He is rich.

5 years ago

Frequent reader… non-commenter. 🙂 But your writing has blessed me many times over the years and I think it would be fun to meet you sometime. This article spoke to me this morning and because your post was fresh in my mind too, I thought I’d share it. Many blessings from above for this season in your life…

5 years ago


5 years ago


5 years ago


5 years ago

Love you sis. Been thinking of you and your boy so much lately.

5 years ago

I agree with Him….it is okay to shush & receive…..praying you will rest well, & soak His comfort & strength into the weary depths of your being….

5 years ago

You just keep writing to that boy. It’s probably the best therapy for both of you. Love you!

5 years ago

I’ve enjoyed your blog for a long time but never felt the need to comment…until now! All of this strikes a chord with me. The feelings and concerns, the son, the tears, the camp…even Chief Stan! My son spent 2 years at Bald Eagle…and we survived! I don’t regret the decision to send him. Camp was a blessing to our family and provided the support we needed at that moment of our lives. If I can be of any help or encouragement…I’d love to do that for you!

Diane Histand
5 years ago

I do not walk the path that you do, and I would never say my path is harder… absence to a mother is deep, in whatever form that it comes. God bless you.

I love people and the support, care and love from others has been vital, but I have learned that silence is so important as there is just part of the journey that I must personally walk.

5 years ago

Hugs and prayers, Shari.

I think of you and your family often. May you feel peace.

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