The words you gave me

We apologize for the delay. The proprietor of this blog wishes to state that she was temporarily flattened by pizza sauce, sweet corn, and birthday parties.

Aw, you guys are so fun!

It’s chancy putting a game out there and not knowing if anyone will want to play. I loved watching you dig into your bookshelves. Your booklist was charming – reference books, all-time favorites, and even one of my dad’s titles – ranging from serious to slapstick. There were some classics, some inspirational, and some dry as toast, with a splash of whiskey (not recommended at home). Your kindness to me and each other was delightful. Thank you.

Did you know that one of you arranges her books by the colors of the rainbow – which pleases me to no end?

And these words…!

My friend Sheila emailed me to say that she checked four bookshelves hoping for something good. Four! and found “of” twice. “It’s a random word, dear, not a Message From Jehovah,” I told her. Her next email made me laugh. “At least it rhymes with love, she says, straightening.”

My friend Cris found page sixteen completely blank, between the introduction and part one of a medical tome. Very significant, that. If only I knew in what way.

We ended up with two main characters, Pat and Charles, besides dad and God. Your “boring” words held everything together (theoretically), and you had some winner nouns even though they didn’t know how to play nice with the other kids. The washstand and the R.R. were particularly unwieldy.

The following paragraph uses each of the words given me to date, and only those words, although some of them are used more than once.

Those schemes for the back door breakfast analogy you want will have dad as God. I want more green smoke for you. Pat schemes to have Charles for early breakfast. The washstand is in the windy October world. Charles is packing. Pat helps. I said I loved today. Charles had that last o’clock of life. The R.R. voices will have soul’s word in it. In Pat’s defense, I observe that Charles will have loved God.

I mean honestly, guys, it’s not a thing of great beauty. You can do better than this.

Are you sure you checked the right bookshelf?


Well, that was silly and fun. What would you compose from our word list?

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6 years ago

You have the best words.

Seriously, I blame those who DIDN’T produce words from the book on the shelf. If we had, you would have the right words to complete the truly intricate puzzle that was only beginning to take shape.

The solution to the failure of Big Data to answer the Big Questions is obviously More Data.

6 years ago

I say you did a terrific job considering what you had to work with. And that goes for everybody else, too, who does their best regardless of what their “sixteenth page” gives them. “She hath done what she could,” and so on. End of windy pat voices only hinting at analogy. You will want me to jump off my washstand and go packing at least until breakfast oclock in October.

6 years ago
Reply to  Kathryn Swartz


6 years ago

Okay, I confess. I didn’t share my word. It would have made this paragraph SO much more meaningful. It was “so.” “So” it was.

6 years ago

It’s much easier as a poem! So fun 😛

Is Soul’s Word in Defense of More?

Packing early breakfast, windy October o’clock schemes
Back door.
I observe smoke.
Had I have loved the world for you today God.
Dad last said that life will want voices.
As to Those it helps:
Green washstand analogy.

-Pat R.R. Charles

6 years ago
Reply to  Shari Zook

Lol so that’s how it’s done.

6 years ago
Reply to  Shari Zook

Haha – hopefully there’s a “real” kind, too!

6 years ago

Some of these sentences sound like story starters! They make me want to create wildly imaginative fiction. 😀

6 years ago

Today, I want for you the green October world
To observe life is the door to the soul’s defense
Those voices that I loved will back that analogy.

Dad said “Pat, it is breakfast;
I want Charles to the washstand”
Windy schemes packing early…
The last smoke helps.

The word of God had said more,
I will have said more,
For Pat, for Charles, it is breakfast
I will observe that o’clock.

R. R.

My shelves revealed “bad” “boys” and “Joe” I should’ve submitted and helped Pat and Charles out.

6 years ago

It sounds like evolution… given enough words n time, poof! A paragraph or a story.:) Good use of ur God-given brains!:)

6 years ago

I may have spent time I didn’t have rearranging words. ? Thanks for the random challenge! So much fun!

Pat said to dad, “I loved that windy October. The smoke of the Charles R.R. Breakfast in the washstand. That word you said. The green back door. Those voices I had. Schemes for defense. I want to have more o’clock. Today I observe as God is packing analogy in to life. It is the soul’s will for the last world.

6 years ago

Observe God’s October

“Pat”, schemes Charles, “I will want the early o’clock for breakfast. Will you help me to observe the last of the windy October weather? As in God’s word, it is the analogy of the soul’s life. Today dad said in defense of packing, I have more helps for you.”
Observe! That green back door! Those voices back of the R.R.! The last of that smoke! The small washstand!
“Charles”, said Pat, “I have loved today!!”

I hadn’t planned on writing this, but after I read yours and the others, I thought it sounded like a fun challenge! 🙂 Kinda like a game of take one scrabble, with words instead of letters. It’s nothing phenomenal, but it does use all the words. 🙂 I did drop an s off of one help, and added the word small. Because that was my word. I had issues with posting on my phone, so it wasn’t added. I love traveling, so this is about a spontaneous outing before winter, and some of the things they saw.

P.S. loved the pix.:0 I could use some trained monkeys to help me out with dreaded book work! 🙂

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