Weekend of love

Here are my frosting toadstools.
The perfect rose in the front was made by my friend Sherry, who worked in a bakery for 13 years.
She has an unfair advantage, right? I thought so.
Doesn’t keep me from being stinkin jealous.

All the flower shops and chocolate factories are heaving a collective sigh of relief and counting up the dough. We made it.

One of my favorite things about Valentine’s Day is watching men with bouquets ducking sheepishly around in stores. They look lovely and fragile and full of hope.

The bouquets do too.

One of my friends got engaged this Valentine’s Day; her feet haven’t touched the ground yet.

I like the philosophy of another friend, who firmly tells her teenage daughters “Valentine’s Day is for lovers.” True that. But this year it seemed to be about many people, from the radiant fiancée to the quiet shut-in, from kiddos smeared in pink frosting to the Lord Jesus himself.

I liked the excuse to make chocolate cupcakes and a New York cheesecake. Today I got hit in the arm by a flying cupcake at fellowship meal. That was kind of fun.

And anyway the frosting had already been licked off.

I liked getting words from my man. He doesn’t write much and when he does it’s really precious.

I liked singing love songs in church…

 “Jesus loves me, this I know—for the Bible tells me so
Little ones to him belong; they are weak but he is strong.”

“For God so loved us He sent the Savior,
For God so loved us and loves me too.
Love so unending! I’ll sing thy praises:
God loves his children, loves even me.”

 “O Jesus my Savior, with you I am blessed
My life and salvation, my joy and my rest:
Your name be my theme and your love be my song;
Your grace shall inspire me and keep my heart strong.”

“Summer and winter, and springtime and harvest,
Sun, moon, and stars in their courses above
Join with all nature in manifold witness
To thy great faithfulness, mercy and love.”

I liked listening to my church people pray aloud the things they really love about Jesus.

Jesus, I love that you never change, even though my circumstances do.

I like that you invite us to walk in relationship with you.

You give me hope.

I love that you are so smart.

I like that you are perfectly righteous, yet you never give up on me.

You are so faithful.

I love that you became human.

I love that you can redeem all my faults and mistakes.

It’s a good time of year to be alive. Winter is softening. Love is beating in many hearts.


How did you feel most loved this weekend? How did you love? Share an idea for the rest of us to tuck away till next year… a tip? a gift suggestion? a recipe?

Be brave, little Piglet. You are loved.

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10 years ago

Kara had a friend over for the night and I gave them the opportunity to decorate the supper table. They did a beautiful job with lots of candles, china, goblets, little lights, scattered rose petals, etc. I made barbecue meatballs for supper, a family favorite and they enjoyed sipping mennonite wine, a recipe I received from the life skills class last week. After our meal they decorated heart shaped butter cookies. I always feel this tension of wanting to spend the evening with my hubby and making it a fun and special evening for my children. Most often we celebrate with the children. 🙂

10 years ago

A beautiful red rose, and two decorated cupcakes greeted me when I arrived home to a silent, dark house Friday evening. The mystery person didn’t sign their name on the note, but I was deeply touched by this act of love.

10 years ago

I took your flower journaling idea, and Valentized it. I drew full sheet size flowers, with each middle holding one of our names, and the first petal said “things we love about:” . After our valentines supper, we passed them around and each filled in a petal. It was very cute to see what the children came up with. I had to write for Margy, and she kept hissing things in my ear about, “I like to go to the park with you” for almost every one. Do you think, just possibly, that she is getting tired of winter too?
Thanks for the good idea. Our flowers will make good wall decorations, and we will look at them when we feel like arguing. =-) I can just hear my children groaning….”march over there and read what you wrote on that flower” [said Mother]

Suzanna Weaver
10 years ago

Ummm…against all odds of what most people think should happen for Valentine’s Day there were no fine china, goblets, rose petals, candles etc…in fact my Facebook post said , ‘while others are making fancy, red–shaped heart foods or dressing up to go out with their true love — I cleaned that bathroom and did laundry and…” There were some ‘slap’ remarks made but I meant it in no way negative. And you nailed it – what made me feel loved?? Know what it was? A $10 Pizza Hut pizza my hubby offered to bring home for supper! Funds are tight right now, dealing with health issues, the never ending stuff to do esp. with homeschooling right now…it was the best thing he could have done! It meant far more than Chocolates, roses or a night out!

Mama Zook
10 years ago

We kept our two granddaughters, so that our son and wife could go to a marriage enrichment seminar, and she sent with them little heart shaped meat loaves for our supper Valentines evening! How blessed we are!

10 years ago

We had a wonderful valentines. Made a special dinner w/homemade dinner rolls, steak,(which I had to fry in a pan b/c the grill is buried in snow), roasted potatoes, salad & choc. dipped strawberries. I had so much fun making it. (I love to cook) Then my husband lined up a massage for me w/a friend of mine for a gift. I guess he knows this pregnant body could use one. I am so blessed. We had fun playing w/our little girl that nite & then put her to bed & watched a movie late into the nite. It was wonderful.

Brenda Wenger
10 years ago

Enjoyed a lovely banquet with church friends. Guest speaker says humor helps a marriage. So we sat after supper and told funny stories about our spouses!!!! Came home with love and warmth all wrapped around my heart t!!!!
Day after, a breakfast out!!!
And Sunday lunch invited out too!!!! Wonderful time of fun, food and fellowship!!!! Sunday evening at the prison sharing Matt 9 with the ladies. And they always bless us more than we give them!!!
So Craig and I still have a date coming yet this week!!! 🙂
Thanks Shari for your words of blessing, I love this post!!!!
Yesterday in SS we were challenged from Eph 5 to love as HE has loved us. Is there anything more beautiful than Christ’s love for me?!! 🙂

Brenda Wenger
10 years ago
Reply to  Brenda Wenger

I forgot to mention taking a widow lady out for coffee Thursday morning. She is such a sweet lady, but the donut was too sweet even with Timmy’s coffee!! 🙂 The banquet was Thursday evening, and the breakfast out was at FB’s fund raiser!!! 🙂 Also made a few cards!!!! from recycled calendars and old ann cards etc.!!!

10 years ago

Your church people prayed aloud things they love about Jesus.
Was this a prompted exercise or what usually happens plus how you filtered it?

10 years ago
Reply to  Vivian

Our worship leader of the morning wrote up on the whiteboard “What do you love when you love your God?” and spoke of human love (Valentine’s Day) in the context of a much greater love. After our singing–all songs of love, as quoted–he invited us to lead out in short prayers praising the Lord for things we love in Him.

What I quoted was as nearly verbatim as I could recall. No filtering.

So–prompted. Also voluntary. And deeply satisfying.

Ruth Anna
10 years ago

My married friend invited me over to have a Valentines’ supper with her little family “cuz you don’t have anyone special to do Valentines’ with” she said. I LOVED it….we drank red raspberry lemonade from goblets and ate pizza and a heart-shaped cake…and I played Candyland with her kiddos…and we had lots of meaningful conversation! Such a kind gesture for a “single lady”! =)

10 years ago

My most blessed moment came on Sunday evening when a new friend asked me how I am adjusting to a new community (I’ve lived here about 6 months): do I feel like I have a place? is there anything they could do to make it better? The answers were honest and did not say that all is wonderful. I don’t know how anyone could make it all better. . . But a conversation like that means a lot!

10 years ago

The kitchen gals asked me mid morning if they can give me a frosted heart shaped cookie because it was Valentine’s Day. I forgot it was a special day until they mentioned it. I am single so…. I whispered in their ears and said “no, I want the real thing.” They about died laughing. Then they took a red plate, lined it with a doily and took 3 heart shaped cookies, and frosted the following words (one word per cookie) “THE REAL THING” and placed it on my desk. This made a memorable Valentine’s Day for me. When you are single, you might as well enjoy days made for love and relationships.

Brenda Troyer
10 years ago
Reply to  irene

This comment is my favorite! ~BT

Brenda Troyer
10 years ago

Allen had a preaching assignment in Hocking Hills on Sunday, so we spent Saturday in Columbus at the Easton shopping center and ate at a nice restaurant. (Where they serve food someone else has cooked. Hallelujah!) On Saturday evening he spent the extra money for a motel vs. staying overnight in someones home. My husband has a very full schedule, which I am sure most of you can relate to, so the time together was a real gift. We spent time talking through trouble spots in our teenagers, and in ourselves, for that matter. That gesture alone was enough to make this mama sing. 🙂 I came home with new purpose and a lighter heart.

10 years ago

My husband and I enjoyed a simple, quiet evening at home. Just what I wanted after a very exhausting February 13th. Time with my man.

10 years ago

Here in the south…we had planned a Valentine supper on Wed evening since the whole family would still be here. That morning the electric went out…we had marinated Turkey breast, and the gas grill still worked! We had to readjust the rest of the menu a bit, but still had a nice time…we thought it was going to be by candle lite, but Ivan was able to get the generator hooked up and we had a few lights. Its good we did, cause by Valentines day we were all weary just trying to exist and keep warm, that it ended up being just another day!! A pleasant surprise at the end of the day was the electric coming back on!! 🙂 Yeah!!

10 years ago

What lovely ideas, all! Thank you!

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