One time I lost my voice from a bad head cold, and
I could hardly talk at all for two days.

My children found it a refreshing change.

That was several years ago,
before we worried about symptoms being more vicious
than just head colds.

When I got better, I liked using my voice again,
but my children said,

“Remember when you were sick?
It was so nice.
You didn’t tell us to do any chores and you didn’t scold us.
You’d look at us and just—smile.”


All the words went into the book, first,
and after that they didn’t work for me for many weeks,
for about five different reasons.
And after that, I had to learn to talk again,
maybe differently.

The Lord gave and the Lord took away,
bless his name.

And here I am.


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2 years ago

You’ve been missed but I get it.

2 years ago

“The Lord gave and the Lord took away,
bless his name”—! ???? I know a preacher who would say this- with a straight face!- when he’d lose his train of thought in the middle of delivering a sermon sans notes. True story.

Martha Hess
2 years ago

Love to you during this time of rest! Have been looking forward to more from you, but I know the feeling on a teeny tiny level…. When you have put all your energy into and have said what you greatly needed to say there comes a time of peace, & ‘spentness’ for a season.

2 years ago

Very challenged by “You’d look at us and just—smile.” Sometimes I think I say too much ???? sometimes I think smiling does more then my reminders or anything else. There is a good balance but I’m going to learn to ‘just smile’

Glad to have you back sister

2 years ago

I’m just grinning and grinning. ☺️

2 years ago

I think my writing changed after each of the books I published, and after each one, it took a bit for me to find my voice again. Marriage also worked that way.

2 years ago

Its good to hear from you again! You have been missed!

2 years ago

Good to hear from you on here! Looking forward to when you have words again.

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