Three Words

Celebrations / Saturday, November 17th, 2012

Confession: This is not written by Shari.

Today is a special day… for many reasons, I’m sure.

Today marks Shari’s 30th birthday.

Many of you have been reading this blog for some time.

Today give Shari something special. Give her the gift of words.

No more than three words.

How do you experience Shari through her writing?


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9 years ago

Beautiful. Heartfelt. Perfect (one to be the wife of my brother, Not the Boss).

Janelle Glick
9 years ago

Original. Down to Earth. Brave.

Janelle Glick
9 years ago


Bertha Nisly
9 years ago

Articulate. Refreshing. Witty.

9 years ago

Courageous. Sensitive. Funny. (Happy 30th, Shari!)

Linda Rose
9 years ago

Humble. Perceptive. Articulate.

humorous, insightful, inspiring

9 years ago

Lovely. Inspiring. Sweet.
Happy Birthday Shari!
Enjoy your day!

9 years ago

Jesus LOVES you!

9 years ago

Beautiful. Contemplative. Hilarious.

9 years ago

Gentle. Descriptive. Witty.

Kim Glenn
9 years ago

Honest, humble, and refreshing.
Happy 30th. God Bless You!

9 years ago

Authentic. Beautiful. Gentle. Hilarious. (sorry, I couldn’t stop at 3)

9 years ago

Candid. Succinct. Warm.

Joanna Yoder
9 years ago

Humorously honest. Genuine.
Happy 30th birthday! What a gorgeous gift the weather is today!

9 years ago

Gracious. Sensitive. Mysterious.

9 years ago

Writing = Life survival
Because the above is true for Shari (at least I think so), her writing is:
Perceptive, searching, comical.

9 years ago

refreshing, honest, brave

9 years ago

Healing. Perceptive. Invite-others-to-think.
Thank you and Happy 30th!

9 years ago

Beautiful, compassionate, humble -Happy Birthday Shari ! So much love being sent your way! <3

9 years ago

Vulnerable, down to earth, courageous
Happy 30th birthday. I hope not the boss and your children celebrate you as the special lady you are!

9 years ago

Funny. Insightful. Honest.

9 years ago

Pithy. Observant. Humorous.
Happy Birthday! 30 is a good age, much better than 20.

Ruth Byler
9 years ago

Inspiring, genuine, addicting
A wonderful 30th to a beautiful Lady!

9 years ago

Intelligent. Perceptive. Peaceful.

Happy, happy 30th!

9 years ago

all the above

9 years ago
Reply to  Cynthia

fun, honest, articulate

9 years ago

Sorry I missed your day, but I’m always happy to add some words 😉 so here are mine:
inquisitive, colorful, sensitive

9 years ago

Real. Fun. Thought-provoking.

LaDonna Nice
9 years ago

Honest, Thinker, Beautiful