They were talkin politics

Confession: Unmonitored fridge phonics have their downside. Here are two things in which my son Regan is interested.

The circle magnet is a wild card, used when a particular letter is needed elsewhere.

School and diarrhea.

Oh dear.

Speaking of diarrhea, what do you think of the election rhetoric?

Ryan and I listened to part of a presidential speech last evening, and talked late on the matter. I think Mr. Obama is by and large a man of integrity, trying to do well with a difficult job—a man with a vision if not exactly a plan. I respect him for this. Ryan sees a larger picture, the way Mr. Obama failed to get Congress on board, the way he promises the moon without designing a rocket. He feels frustrated with the gaps.

Funny thing about The Boss and I. I am a supposed optimist, trying to put a positive spin on life while actually believing the world is going to the dogs. He is a supposed pessimist, speaking sarcastically of life while actually believing at a very deep level that all shall be well.

Last night I realized that we bring this same orientation to politics. I listened to the President’s speech and thought, “Hey, show the man some respect. The debt is too large a problem for anyone to deal with. Let him put a brave face on it.” Ryan began to laugh – “What is the man thinking?” – and wished for a path forward, a middle man to negotiate between Romney’s “Cut spending!” and Obama’s “Raise taxes!” to do a little of both.

What do I know of it? My political views are largely intuition. Ryan teaches me patiently, and rephrases the next night what I’ve forgotten since lesson one.

School and diarrhea. That’s my approach to politics.

I do find it important to remember that God has chosen one of these men to lead our country for the next four years, if all goes well. Bless His name.

Do you care who’s elected?

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11 years ago

I do care who’s elected, and whether I agree with that person or not, I know it’s a hard job and the position itself needs all of our prayers for guidance and strength. I’m just now grasping the basics of what a Democrat and a Republican are. I should be more educated, I know, but it’s just so borrrring to me. 😛

Glad you said those words were school and diarrhea because I just figured someone chewed tobacco there. HA HA I think that’s SKOAL though. What do I know? Too cute ~

LaDonna Nice
11 years ago

I care. I think there are very few people that really don’t care. And “What is he thinking?” Goes through my mind a lot. As far as our president being a person of integrity…I can’t believe the lies that come out of his mouth? So I have to say “What are you thinking?” lol It’s all good though. I still think you are a terrific person even though I disagree with your politics. 🙂

11 years ago
Reply to  LaDonna Nice

Thanks, LaDonna. I get very excited when people can tell me they disagree with me, esp with a compliment wrapped into it. 🙂 ha.

I hear what you’re saying. Hence the “by and large” a man of integrity. All that phrase means to me is that I think he tries hard to honor his course and his commitments whenever possible. Doesn’t mean I agree with his course; doesn’t mean he gets to where he’s headed. But that’s the best manhood I expect apart from the transforming work of the Holy Spirit.

Good thoughts!

11 years ago

I think I care, at least somewhat. But I don’t think one man named President will necessarily determine the fate or direction of the country. Fortunately, not having a dictator as a leader means that other branches of government hold power as well, and not all is said and done by the whims of one person. I’m not sure who the best candidate is; my husband thinks Romney to be a better option than Obama at this point, but there were other Republican candidates running earlier who he thought much less fitted for office than Obama. Men have stronger opinions, I suppose, and my husband is also a lot more informed than I am.
As for what LaDonna said, I think being untruthful comes with the politician’s territory, sadly… For example, the current Republican vice-presidential candidate Paul Ryan got caught in a blatant lie that he later backpedaled on. It’s on both sides. Maybe some or all of our leaders have integrity in some areas, but I’m hesitant to say that a truly God-fearing man will ever be able to reach the Presidency because of how much manipulation and deceit is needed to get there. I could be wrong.
I like your summary, Shari. The Lord giveth and taketh away (including leaders who may or may not measure up to our ideas); blessed is He.

LaDonna Nice
11 years ago

I hope not Peg. Although I do want to backpeddle a little 🙂 I think that politics are more of a result of our culture rather than the cause of our culture. That being said I wish it didn’t matter to me who was our president. I wish that I just had that much faith in God directing our future that I wouldn’t worry what a corrupt president has and will do to our country. The fact that I worry about it, that’s just me being honest. My faith says God is in control. My fear says, what kind of a future are my children going to face? Will they be forced to send their children to public schools, where they are taught and faced with things like, you were born a homosexual, it’s ok to kill babies, etc. Will we be forced to have an abortion if the country feels that our child is a hindrance to society? Will my parent’s treatment be denied because they are not considered to have quality of life? These are the things I worry about and more 😉 But in the end I must know and do believe that God is in control, and I rest in that.

11 years ago

The Lord sets up whom he will and takes down whom he will, blessed be the name of the Lord, I say whomever the Lord wants to use to hasten the return of Christ so be it! The liberal democrat platform scares me, I think we as Christians need to get serious about our relationship with Christ because we are very near times of persecution and we will need a strong faith in Jesus to face it. I heard this week someone say they saw a man walking through a fairgrounds with a shirt that read ‘ Get rid of Christians, one bullet at a time’ I am excited about the thought of Jesus’ soon return! Am I ready for the days preceding it tho! Even so Lord Jesus Come!

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