The Great Key Mystery

Once upon a time, and not so very long ago—about six weeks—my husband Ryan and I went van shopping down New Castle way, and bought a lovely blue Odyssey.

Moon roof, DVD player, miscellaneous dings and scratches, and best of all—no rust.

Thank you, Jesus!

It’s fun being the proud parents of a very large blue baby who purrs and performs and doesn’t wake up at night.

The seller had promised us two keys—a black key complete with remote, and a gray valet key. Upon reaching home we realized he had not, in fact, ever handed us the valet key. How annoying. So we called him up. Hey Jim, what about that valet key?

No problem, I put it right there in the van.

We searched all the cubbies we could think of (there are a lot) and found nothing at all. That’s very odd, we thought. Hmm. Well, maybe it’ll turn up later.

We were right. About a week later, it did—

Hanging on a key hook in our laundry room.


Hey Ryan, did you hang this here?

No. Did you?

Are you kidding me? Kids, do you know anything about this key?

No, Mom.

Well, praise the Lord…

Ryan got one key, I got another. A happy ending to the story, eh?

All went well with this arrangement until one day about two weeks ago, when Ryan borrowed my key and forgot to return it to me. When I needed it back, I went to our coat room and dug through his coat pockets till I found it. Hey hon, can I take back my key from your coat pocket?

No, I hung it on the key hook.

Huh? Well, there’s a set here in your pocket.

Come on. What are you talking about?

We dug out all our sets (one of which was, in fact, hanging on the key hook) and compared very careful notes. We were now in possession of a black key with a remote, a gray valet key— and another black key with a remote. Each of them fit our vehicle.

We spoke with our other friend who owns an Odyssey. Any chance you’re missing a key?

Nope. We only ever had one and we’ve still got it.

From time to time we ponder these things, but I do not like thinking on them much. Either a) We are pocketing keys we do not own, or b) We are losing our minds, or c) Our keys are quietly breeding in back corners, or d) The Lord is being good to us, “no doubt for some mischievous reason of His own.”

Any sleuths out there?

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10 years ago

I like stories like this….our keys have a way of escaping rather than reproducing….you might wake up with a baby mini van on your steps next! 🙂

10 years ago

We’ll take the baby, if it should ever show up…..:) Well, actually, we might be needing more of a Papa van than a baby van these days.

10 years ago

Ha ha…

10 years ago

HA HA! Please get the Castleberry Mystery books and read them . . . this sounds like a great mystery for them to solve! LOL! Here is a link to one of them:

Jo Yoder
10 years ago

NO RUST!!! That is, indeed, a great thing to celebrate! I’ve considered slapping bumper stickers on our rusted-and-duct-taped van that say, “Don’t laugh! She’s paid for!” 😀
Keys and dust bunnies, quietly breeding in back corners…hmmm…maybe you should try tucking a few $20 bills away to see if they will magically multiply, as well!

Mama Zook
10 years ago

You don’t want to think about it too long or it may go away!! Count your blessings, name them one by one!! (and it will surprise you…)

GrandmaKitty Brown
10 years ago

I’ve had hangers that multiply in our closets, spider webs that filigree the corners overnight, dust bunnies that put the real deal to shame, dirty clothes that pop into the hamper when i turn my back, and a sink that produces unwashed dishes like rabbits out of a magician’s hat… but no car-key-clones. Yours must be a unique house… 🙂

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