Thank you

Confession: Sometimes I don’t even like Sundays anymore, though they used to be one of my favorite days, because – no mail.

I can’t thank you enough for the happy pictures and notes showing up in my box these days. You brought me a great deal of joy! Special thanks to those who sent tea, or personal letters, or words that made me laugh… amazing! Some of you said, “I’ve been waiting for a chance to say…” and I should like to clarify, in case this was not made absolutely obvious, that I LOVE MAIL any time of the year. Please don’t wait for an invitation. You have my address now and I’m not going anywhere, so you are without excuse. Even if you don’t like commenting online.


Also: To the reader-friend who gave our family so generous and anonymous a gift a month ago – I’m sorry to mention this publicly, but – THANK YOU. I’ve sleuthed and sleuthed in my mind but cannot find out who you are, despite the many clues I was given, and this seems the only place to say it: May God bless you as you blessed us.

Also: To the local friend who smuggled a large box of fabulous fun into our van last night – to quote Bertie Wooster: “I mean to say, what what?” Our children were in ecstasy and there were treasures spread all over our living room floor. You must know us quite well, to tuck in a few somethings so exactly right for each of us, and I was sure I knew who you were too; in fact, I sent a text to a friend saying “This box has your name written all over it. Thank you so much!!!” and she said, “That was not us!!!” So now I am more bamboozled than I was before, and just as grateful.

My family is richer for knowing you – sometimes literally, and always in our hearts.

Thank you.

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Carolyn K
6 years ago

And we are richer because of the words you write that leave us inspired.

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