Ten ways to celebrate ten years

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October 25, 2013 marked an entire decade of my life as Mrs. Zook.

And that’s just starters.








1. Wear something new.

After so long together, you can stop seeing.

2. Bake a “wedding cake.”

Ours was too big and pretty to recreate, but I pulled out our original cake topper and made a white layer cake. We fed each other a bite while the kids cheered.


3. Cook a formal dinner and let your children share it.

We did cloth napkins, two forks apiece, candlelight, the whole nine yards—and I couldn’t believe how much the children loved it. On the menu? BBQ ribs, shrimp, potatoes, spinach salad, crab toasties, sparkling grape juice, wedding cake, hot tea.


(Make your own sparkling grape juice by adding 7-Up to grape concentrate in place of water!)

4. Wear your wedding dress.

Fitting into mine is quite nippy and tucky these days. But he buttoned up all those tiny buttons again. Awww…

5. Pull out pictures or videos of the big day.

You’ll be surprised at how much has changed—and how little.

6. Get away.

We’re rejuvenated and starry-eyed after two nights at a beautiful bed and breakfast.


7. Plan the next baby.

I threw this one in just to see if you were listening.

8. Do a photoshoot together.

Bribe a friend, or just shoot some selfies.

2013-11-06 11.30.39

9. Read a romantic comedy aloud.

10. Dream about the next ten.

Time is an illusion. (Lunchtime, doubly so, says Ford Prefect.) If you had told us on our wedding day that in ten years we’d be the parents of three beautiful kids aged 8, 6, and 3; that we’d be the owners of ten acres of property; that Ryan would be a pastor and I’d be a blogger; we would have started giggling. It seems just as silly that in another decade we’ll have 18, 16, and 13 year olds. Where will we be then? Who will we be?


What are your favorite ways to celebrate an anniversary?

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10 years ago

Congratulations!! Looks perfect 🙂

Rach Eicher
10 years ago

Happy Anniversary to you! I remember I got to make a cool new black dress for your wedding 🙂 Yay to you for celebrating your anniversary well and for living a full life in the past ten years. Many more to you!

10 years ago

This is so great! 🙂 I was thinking about how many years are between our weddings. Hold it!! If I would have been married at your age, I would be celebrating my 8th anniversary this coming spring (or would it be 9th?). Ok…that’s just bizarre.

10 years ago

Congratulations to you! I LOVE the idea of making a special dinner & sharing it w/your kids. The menu sounded wonderful. I’d love to cook you a special meal sometime or cook it w/you. Too bad we live so far apart. You are a lovely couple & you did a great job on the kids! ☺

10 years ago

I think you did a marvelous job of celebrating! Great list of ideas. Neat that you partied with & without kids. I’m looking forward to our very own up-coming anniversary. Anticipating quiet/peaceful moments to think in complete sentences…I was reminded of this when we were talking in the kitchen & our 2 yr. old was tipping my husband’s cup awaiting tea to “drink” up the honey he’d prepared in his mug. Yup, those moments where there’s no honey thieves!

10 years ago

Great ideas, Shari! I’m chuckling since our 10th anniversary was just 9 days post 5th baby….especially as I think about wearing my wedding dress 🙂 or preparing a lavish feast for the family.

We like to watch our wedding video every so many years on our anniversary. It brings back so many memories and emotions from the day.

10 years ago

This is good . . . the most “momentous” anniversary celebration (ha ha!) that we ever had was spending 3 weeks together in Ukraine adopting Katya! It was during the month of May, and we were alone, just the two of us, so it was pretty cool. 😉 Not always super fun, but we were never bored, being together . . . and we made some great memories in between all the legal stuff and the sad stuff of seeing kids neglected and our daughter starving and treated like trash.

10 years ago

Congratulations! Love your list. We have also found that our children love to have fancy meals! It is fun to watch them enjoy it – even if it is extra work!

And if I knew where I would be after ten (now eleven) years of marriage. I’m afraid I would have been a Runaway Bride. Married to a Mennonite minister? That wasn’t in my plans! Of course, now I would do it all over again. Thank the Lord for leading us gently!

And that is how I plan to survive the next ten years! When we have four teenagers at one time!

10 years ago

Sweet ideas!

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