Technical changes

This is a little blurb to let you know that Ryan and I just made some changes to the way that email updates will be sent to you from Confessions. The system we were using is no longer workable for us. I asked Ryan why, and he said the something-something of something was inadequate – which did sound unworkable to me – so we are switching to Mailchimp. You’ll get an email as before, with a link to the blog, but it will look slightly different than before.

No biggies here, just wanting you not to worry that you signed up for something strange or new by mistake. If you have any difficulties in receiving emails, please let Ryan know (ryan at and then hang tight while we figure things out. The unsubscribe option will be on every email, for your ongoing non-claustrophobia and enjoyment.

A happy new week to you!

Carry on.

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