Swatches of Lancaster

My family just spent two days in eastern Pennsylvania with my husband’s family. I like eastern PA. I call the entire eastern third of the state “Lancaster County.”

One of the things I like about it is that it has great barns and cool houses, very old, like this home with the massive wood beams and the chinking or whatever it’s called.

Terrible picture out the front of the van. But still.

I like that at this time of year, we could drive to Middle Creek and see thousands of snow geese, migrating through the fields and looking like snowdrifts.

“Snapped out the van window” strikes again.

And I like being with my husband’s family. I like the good talks with his siblings and in-laws, and the great foods they cook, like saltine toffee and summery potato salad in March. I love that.

This time, Ryan’s mother took my daughter to a fabric shop, because it is Kelly’s turn among the granddaughters to select quilt fabric for her great-grandmother to piece in a French Braid pattern, and her grandmother to quilt. Kelly picked an ombre array of aqua and raspberry, which made us all sooo happy to look at.

Also I liked how the fabric scraps looked in the store.

I did not like spending a couple of nights in torment with this lil peanut here, who turned out to hate being away from home and wouldn’t settle for the night until it was technically the next morning.

But we are home. And it was good.

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3 years ago

I like to spend time with your in laws as well. One of my favorite uncles, probably based on the fact that they spent more time at our house than any other uncles. Maybe we will stop with memories at this point

3 years ago
Reply to  Tony

Thank you. We will draw the curtain of charity over the rest. ????

3 years ago

It was incredibly good to see you again. The fabric for the quilt is beautiful, looking forward to seeing it all put together. I’d like to hold that little peanut again, so sweet and squishy, although when they don’t sleep it is so tough. Here’s to more sleep. ????

3 years ago
Reply to  Kim

Thank you, dear. Her nights are way better just from coming home!! But she’s still being a little crankypants otherwise. ????

It was so good to be with you.

Doris Martin
3 years ago

The quilt colors are beautiful! I wonder which day you drove through MiddleCreek… we were there Thursday! Lanc Co is home for me!

3 years ago
Reply to  Doris Martin

Yes, Auntie! I agree on those colors being lovely! I’m also looking forward to seeing that finished quilt, colorful fabrics & quilts are a day brightener to me in the drab winter months. Like that house too, less than 10 minutes south of us!

3 years ago
Reply to  Doris Martin

Aw that’s crazy. We were there on Saturday, I believe!

Wow you and Karen are really local there. Thanks to you both about the quilt colors!

3 years ago

I love fabric shops. I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect fabric for a dress I hope to make one of these centuries. The fabric you chose is gorgeous. I started my first quilt about a year or more ago and I hope to finish it sometime. My friend before covid was teaching me how to quilt but its a matter of finding time to get together.

Marlese Anderson
3 years ago

It was so much fun to see a picture of your mother-in-law! I love her and wish I could see her and spend time with her again!

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