Stitches and stacks

Confession: My favorite projects are experiments that happen to turn out well.

Today I tried two.

I found that you can turn a worn out little girl’s dress into a clothespin keeper. I remember my mom having one similar to this, made when I was a girl.

For this one, I cut off the hood and the lining in the V neck, stitched the bottom of the skirt shut, and tacked it to a baby hanger. Then I dumped all my clothespins inside. (It’s important to choose a dress with a front opening, so you can reach in easily!)

I plan to hang it on my clothesline when I do laundry—easy to slide along to the next spot.


And for supper, I tried something new. I wanted to build a sweet potato haystack. We do it with baking potatoes, topping them with meat and veggies. Why not with sweet?

I baked them in the oven, then topped them with:

  • Cubes of chicken breast, sautéed with salt & pepper, cumin, chili powder, and garlic
  • Lots of cheddar cheese
  • Freshly fried and crumbled bacon
  • My favorite homemade barbecue sauce—ketchup, mustard, vinegar, brown sugar, tarragon, maple syrup

It was really good, but I think the sweet potatoes were more a distraction than an asset. I can’t help thinking how much better the dish would be with seasoned russet fries instead…

What would go on a sweet potato stack? Do you have ideas?

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11 years ago

Careful. The sweet potato stack was so delicious that if you improve it, I might fall into the sin of gluttony. And that would be, like… bad.

mama zook
11 years ago

that sounds delicious!!! I would be up to coming for a meal like that! About the only thing I’ve ever done with sweet potatoes is the one with slices of apple and pure maple syrup, I may have to try that with the maple syrup/pecans topping you sent for Mother’s Day!! Now that also sounds sweet!!

11 years ago

I have a clothespin holder kinda like that one. Although, yours is WAAY cuter, cause yours is made out of a little girl’s dress– mine a left-over boys shirt. No comparison!

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