We started it as an energy-burning game for my hyperactive second-born son.


Run up the flight of eighteen stairs…

Tag the wall…

Run back down…

And tag the couch…

Four times.

Now see how fast you can do it.

Motion? Speed? Noise? Ticking timer? Oh my. He loved it.

And then his brother had to get in on the fun. And then his sister.

We called it Running Shuttles. When the game stopped bringing joy, we dropped it, but recently it resurrected, bringing grins again. It used to take them nearly a minute. Now the boys have carved down their time to 30 seconds total for four runs. It sounds like the end of the world and the destruction of all flesh, even with thick carpeting.

But afterward they collapse into heaps, panting and smiling.

Mission accomplished.

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7 years ago

I think that would be a great exercise program for this mom!!

7 years ago

Wonderful idea! I have a feeling I may need a game like that some day for Summer. She already loves walking up and down stairs while grasping daddy’s hands.

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