The secret life of Ryan Zook

Celebrations / Wednesday, February 14th, 2018

When I awake early on Valentine’s Day I am alone

It takes a moment to remember why.

Oh yes. Early ministers’ meeting.


Often at night I wake to find him gone

Or wake to find him returning.

I expect him to be warm, come from checking on the kids

Or using the bathroom

But he is cold

And I stir enough to ask, sleepily

What was it?


EMS call up on Woodland, he says

And we fall asleep



Not all of us choose hobbies that involve so many wakeful hours

But to the man who does

I am grateful, to share with you

Every part of life you share with me


To be honest

I’d take a few more parts if I could


But I am blessed by you, a man faithful to me and

Faithful also to your other cuties – eek! I mean duties

And I will share you with your world



Happy Valentine’s Day, love.

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5 years ago

As a wife of a firefighter who has divers responsibilities besides, I wish I had been clever enough to have written this piece. since I was not, I say Amen!

5 years ago

As the wife of a pastor who has late night meetings and early morning men breakfasts, I agree! So glad I get to share this man’s life… as much as I get of it. 😉 He gives much to God and much to me, and all 3 of us are extremely blessed to share it… and so much the better because of the sharing!

5 years ago

Another firefighter/EMT wife who is also blessed, and echoes, Amen!