Walking with Jesus / Tuesday, April 15th, 2014

Confession: Yesterday when Jackie sang Se with two cellos and the rain etched slow tracks down my window panes, I made a lot of mistakes with my body and got lost in my mind.

Wondering if I was doing it all wrong. Missing a child so badly I could hardly breathe. Longing for His clear voice telling me which way to go.

I needed this. Maybe you do too.

Who Am I in Christ?  not condemned, bought with Jesus' blood, continually sanctified, forgiven, created for a purpose, not alone, the temple of the Holy Spirit, part of the Bride, part of the Kingdom, HIS.

We are in Him. It’s a truth worth soaking in for years.

3 Replies to “Refocus”

  1. Next time you can bring your sketch book and pencil over here and we can do the flower diagram together. ok?

    I need this kind of reminder all the time but there are days when I realize my need more deeply.

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