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Life around home / Wednesday, February 5th, 2014

Confession: Everything was locking up for me today. First my Kindle. Then Grooveshark. Then my laptop. After ten years of marriage to a tech man, I’ve learned a few things—not to bang the offending item on the countertop, for instance… and that restarting often helps… and even to open Task Manager and fiddle around exiting random processes. But I was getting nowhere.

Each time something stopped, I fiddled around to the best of my ability (and I tell you, I’m a mean fiddler), and then, disgruntled, I trundled off to Mr. Fix-it so he could take a peek. In five minutes we were back on track. Every time.

Five minutes!

After the final episode I thanked him sweetly and then confessed

“I wish you would once in a while find yourself in a bewildering situation from which only I could save you. I think that would be nice. Wouldn’t that be nice?”

He was obviously in favor. “I avoid those kinds of situations like the plague.”

9 Replies to “Quote of the day”

  1. It’s a God ordained gift…I know he did not get his techy intuition from either of his parents…it’s just not in the genes!

  2. Posh. We men are just experts in strategic avoidance of (the appearance of) incompetence. Just yesterday I was working on a computer issue that has dogged me for months… seriously, months! This is one of the key reasons I avoid cooking, despite my appreciation for its results.

    1. Ahhhh. So what you’re saying is, it’s not that men are more competent, it’s that women are more–uh, skilled at utilizing and appreciating the competence of others? I’ll go with that.

      You’re still my hero man.

      And I’m still determined to save your hide someday.

  3. Most of the time for me, the offending thing has issues until I tell him about it then they magically disappear until he’s at work or where ever it is that he can not fix it. Cars, computers, what have you, they all know to behave until he’s gone. Sigh.

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